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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by happyendingrocks 4 / 10

You'll get what you deserve

Any glutton who loves awful movies has sat through dozens of inherently unwatchable films in the hopes of finding the rare beast that is both completely un-viewable and completely awesome at the same time. While Snuff leans more ardently toward the former, the current DVD presentation of this film helps this deservedly obscure classic drift a bit toward the latter.

Let's clarify that this film wasn't intended to be passed off as an actual "snuff" film. If such a genre truly existed, which we won't debate here since we're clearly talking about a film that is NOT a "snuff" movie, chances are it would look a bit more like the footage hinted at in Mute Witness or 8mm than a carefully edited multi-camera affair with dubbed audio and generous arrays of stock Carnavale footage. If anyone ever truly believed that filmmakers murdered someone on camera and surrounded that footage with a pseudo-story about biker chicks who kill random people in surprisingly un-bloody ways, somehow found a way to bypass all of those dicey regulations concerning murder and its illegalites, and found a distributor to get a theatrical release for said footage... Seriously, no one did. I promise you.

Yes, this movie is tedious, far too long, and so ineptly made that I can not find a single reason to recommend it. To normal people, that is. However, if you actually know what this film is, and still have any interest in seeing it, then you kind of need to, because it is as wretched an example of film-making as you could ever hope to encounter. Scene after scene, it is a shining an example of crappy C-grade schlock. But, you know, some of us really love crappy C-grade schlock.

We don't want good dubbing, quality special effects, or actors who had heard of the phenomenon of "acting" before the cameras were turned on them. We aren't concerned with continuity, character development, or coherent story structure. We simply want to spend 80 minutes of our life watching something that vaguely resembles a film, yet ends up being an hour and twenty minute exercise in incredulity that forces us to question what's wrong with us for enjoying something that is clearly so un-enjoyable.

This film is a joke. And one would suspect that the film-makers knew this. Now, the reason that Snuff is awesome is that not only did a piece of unwatchable trash like this gain some level of infamy, but 30 years later, there is a reasonably intelligent person sitting at their computer typing this missive at 3:33 in the morning, and another one reading said missive because they have yet to view this film.

Ignore what you've heard about the grand guignol finale of this film, because it truly is a disturbing bit of nastiness. The fact that it follows such a laughably bad precursor is probably the point of this entire affair. And kudos to Blue Underground for presenting this film as they did, in a package without cover art, synopsis, or special features, which, contrary to the numerous criticisms of this I've read, captures this film perfectly. If you would really want a Criterion Collection pressing of Snuff, then you are clearly missing the point.

Fans of terrible movies won't find one much more primitive than this (although I'd also tip my hat to The Last Slumber Party). If that sounds appealing to you, then you will thoroughly enjoy Snuff. If not, I really have to question what you thought you were in store for when you popped in a non-existent-budget South American film from the '70s called "Snuff".

Do I recommend this? No, absolutely not. But do I own it and love the fact I own it? I kind of have to...

Reviewed by Cobra-10 1 / 10

¡Dios mio!

"Snuff" is quite laughably bad. Lame acting, idiotic dialogue, terrible voice-overs, and poor picture quality (even for 1971) is strongly evident here. Bad movie buffs will undoubtedly like this one.

The movie begins with a cokehead next to a rusted-out train and chicks on motorcycles with a faux-Steppenwolf soundtrack (it sounds like the beginning of "Born to Be Wild") in the background that repeats ad nauseum and can be heard at various times throughout the film. From then on it is a violent war among drug dealers. There are many murder scenes involving knives, guns, and even jigsaws, all of which are poorly staged and very humorous. There was one particular scene where the biker chicks go to a local store and give the clerk quite a scare; you have to see the expression on his face when he says, "¡Dios mio!". The chicks then notice a car outside and, in a very silly manner, do away with the occupants.

The end is an obvious fabrication of a supposedly real mutilation of a woman, who is supposedly one of the actresses in the "film" that has lead up to this point. I might have been grossed out if it looked more real. The entire premise that this final killing scene is a behind-the-scenes pointless death experience of an actress that played in the film is completely ridiculous.

Reviewed by tankjonah 1 / 10

Perhaps the most boring, inept and pathetic 'notorious' film of all time.

Notorious film which tried to pass off its obviously staged murder at the end as real and hence we get the title of the film. Defenders of the film, although God knows why anyone would defend this boring and embarrassing piece of trash, may claim that it's obviously easier these days (where we've become accustomed to superior special effect)to say that it's obviously fake since the special effects are crude by today's standards. But really the special effects in the final scene in Snuff are no better than those in Hershell Gordon Lewis' trashy films of the 60s and 70s. At least his films had loads of gore and were funny-bad. Snuff has nothing to recommend it. The first 75 minutes seem to be an inept and boring Argentinian film dubbed into English, with some absurd plot about an actress being exploited to appear in porn, her new boyfriend and the Mansonesque leader whose hippie biker chicks end up doing him and her in. We then get the final five minutes (the so-called 'snuff' footage) before the film 'runs out'. Don't waste your time as I did.

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