So Evil My Love


Crime / Drama

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Ray Milland as Mark Bellis
Hugh Griffith as Coroner
Geraldine Fitzgerald as Susan Courtney
Zena Marshall as Lisette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samhill5215 8 / 10

Captivating melodrama

This one is a sleeper. It catches you by surprise. You think they're going one way but then they switch course and by the time you think you've figured it out they've switched again. Everything about is is first rate. The acting, dialog, scenery, direction, I mean everything. What's more surprising is that it takes place during Victorian England yet deals with subjects the gentle folk of that age preferred to keep under wraps. Despite the period costumes and scenery there's something very modern about the story. The two standouts here are both headliners, especially Ray Milland. His character starts out much like the one he played in "Dial M for Murder" but here he is more multi-dimensional, perhaps more human, not so narcissistic. And you can't help but like him, despite his shortcomings and machinations. Ann Todd too was very sympathetic despite her weakness for the charming Milland character. She exhibited an endearing vulnerability coupled with dogged determination. In the end I guess it had to end the way it did. But I fervently hoped for some other conclusion, one where the lovers pursued their dreams without wrecking the lives of others. That's how close I felt to them.

Reviewed by Doylenf 6 / 10

Ray Milland as the ultimate con man in Victorian thriller...

It's not too often that likable RAY MILLAND played a downright villain or rogue, but he uses his roguish charm quite as well here as he would eventually in Hitchcock's DIAL M FOR MURDER. He plays a hard on his luck artist who lures ANN TODD into a romance, while she's unaware that she's a mere pawn in his game to steal money from her friend's husband. GERALDINE FITZGERALD is the woman friend and she, as usual, shines in support.

But it's really a film carried by Milland and Todd and they play against each other very well. The only weakness is that it's difficult to see why a woman as intelligent as Todd would fall so easily for the scheming Milland and then agree to do some dirty work on her friend's husband.

It's a Victorian crime of passion that takes its time in setting up the characters and the situations, but once the plot gets under way the viewer becomes involved in the story, thanks to some good direction, script and photography which gives a realistic feel to the gritty story with a downbeat ending.

Atmospheric and well worth watching for the little nuances along the way.

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10

The lodger

Olivia Harwood, a recent widow, is returning to England. Her Anglican minister husband, has died and left her a house in Kensington. There is a break of malaria on board the ship. The captain, knowing about her background in being exposed to the disease in Jamaica, asks her to help. Among the sick, there is a handsome man, Mark Bellis, who needs care. Olivia's fate is sealed by this encounter. Bellis, a forger and a criminal, goes after the impressionable Olivia, in whom he sees an easy mark when he realizes she is so vulnerable, with a bit of his charm, he will have her on his side. Olivia falls for this man against her better judgment.

Mark realizes he has found a treasure in Olivia. All the schemes Bellis had tried since his return to England have failed miserably. Olivia, who feels she can get a loan from her friend, Susan Courtney, now married to a wealthy man, is only too happy to see her friend. Susan offers some money to help her. Olivia, had promised Susan she will burn the letters in which Susan wrote about her liaison with a former beau, Sir John Curle, who she secretly loved. Mark, realizing how valuable that information is, wants to blackmail Henry Courtney in what he thinks is an easy scheme.

Olivia, having fallen head over heels with Mark, is all too willing to cooperate by getting valuable bonds from her all too-trusting friend, something that is detected by Henry Courtney when he learns about it. Henry, a man afflicted with high blood pressure, becomes the target for Mark Bellis, who uses Olivia in getting what he wants. When Henry dies, it is not from a heart attack, but from poisoning. All eyes fall on Susan, who is accused of killing her husband. It is at this point that Olivia realizes how Mark has manipulated her. Not only that, but Olivia realizes Mark never loved her. The realization that Mark had used her, and the impending death sentence of her friend Susan, makes Olivia come to unravel the web she helped create.

Not having seen this Paramount film of 1948, we took a chance that paid off with this surprising movie. Directed by Lewis Allen, and based on a novel by Joseph Shearing, it was adapted for the screen by Leonard Spigelgass and Ronald Millar. This melodrama presents a situation in which an unscrupulous man uses a vulnerable woman for his criminal purposes. That theme had been used before, but what gives this film its appeal is the way the viewer gets involved from the start.

Ann Todd, one of the best actresses from that period appears as Olivia. Ms. Todd gave an excellent performance as Olivia, a woman in love with a good for nothing. Ray Milland was at one of the best moments in his career. He always was a welcome addition to any film. Geraldine Fitzgerald, one of the most talented and kind human beings we have ever met, makes a good Susan Courtney. Raymond Huntley plays Henry Courtney. Leo G. Carroll, Martita Hunt, Moira Lister, and Roderick Lovell contribute to the picture in supporting roles.

Victor Young and William Alwyn created a musical score that goes well with the action. Max Greene's wonderful black and white cinematography enhances the film. Mr. Greene captured those dark Victorian interiors focusing in the characters expressions with extraordinary lighting their expressions, enhancing our pleasure.

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