So Hard to Forget



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male homosexuality lesbian relationship

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Reviewed by i-spookie 7 / 10

The pain of breakups.

Before I even start reviewing this film, let me say that I am a Scandinav and we in our north frozen countries have a different view of life than South Americans obviously do. Rejection is a part of life and nothing to be feared. Seeing this film I realized that not everybody share that view. "So hard to forget" is an intellectual film centered around one womans struggle to let go of a recent breakup of a relationship with another woman and how she copes with that. Not well in my eyes, and if she had not had her friend Hugo, things would have looked very bad for her. But Hugo was there - a friend that would be everybodys wish - and she makes it through it. More than halfway into the film she meets a woman she connects with, but again, not without struggle. All the actors in this film carried it through - not one bad actor amongst them. Julia was played superbly by Ana Paula Arósio , maybe too much so - she was difficult to like. For me was Hugo, played by Murilo Rosa, the star of the film, and somehow I do not think this was intentional. Arieta Correia as Helena was to fall in love With - very nice personality. I wanted so to like this film, and I did sort of, but too much suffering kind of spoiled it for me. But than again - Im not from there - I might have missed the point.

Reviewed by mariobevilaqua 8 / 10

This is so Brazilian...

If you are Brazilian, if you know Brazil, or at least a Brazilian, you will understand the film. I love this movie. It is not always an easy task to let someone out of your life. At some point in the film, Julia says, "It is not possible to live without life". This is exactly the dramatic way of life that is characteristic of "Latinos." There is a kind of poetry in Julia's fight.

The movie is full of symbols: the girl in red, the Garden in the new house, the soundtrack (I love it).

I love the fact that Antonia is present throughout the film (Julia's ex-girlfriend), although we never know her.

Ana Paula Arósio, Murillo Rosa, Arieta Corrêa, Bianca Comparato, Natalia Lage and Pierri Baitelli are very close and do very well.

I recommend this movie. It's an introspective story. We went through all the suffering of the broken relationship and its repercussion.

It is a shame that films in Portuguese language are not well known around the world.

Reviewed by g-82113 8 / 10

Broken up in a relationship, that's probably it

The sentimental Julia meets the bold and attentive Helena, and finally the long-lost fortress is finally captured. Although not sure about the feelings of the details, at least it is a new beginning. The whole film is full of literary atmosphere. The narration that appears from time to time adds a touch of sadness. Julia's repressive and self-personal personality sometimes makes people crazy.

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