So This Is Christmas


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Vivica A. Fox as Sharon
Eric Roberts as Bill
Jillian Estell as Darlene
Lexi Ainsworth as Ashley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chokluva 2 / 10

F Bombs with the kids!

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE with kids under age 16. That is unless you want to explain, sex, drugs, and every curse word (almost) to your 8 year old. "Mommy whats that thing in his mouth..." Um, that's a crack pipe sweetie. Of course I had NO IDEA that this movie would be filled with bar scenes and a crotch shot of a slightly erect penis (yep!) because it was in the FAMILY section. This movie was right next to "Miracle Dog" and it had a nice wholesome cover and every thing. But we were soooo wrong. Outside of that, the production, editing and many other aspects of the film were poooor quality. In one particular masterful editing sequence,a young lady went from being at a bar, to smiling at an empty school at night, to ending up at a friends house beaten. This took place literally in a matter of 18 seconds. There were no other scenes or dialogue! It was smiling with nobody around...bruised and abused at friends house.

I did appreciate the message and all. And I appreciate a depiction of a modern day interracial family. Other than that, this movie was a complete waste.

Reviewed by banjo-peppers 3 / 10

Plodding, confused, weirdly violent mess of a movie

First of all, it's absurd this movie is rated PG. The language and the bloody, violent scene towards the end should push this up to a PG-13 rating.

As for an actual review: This is one of those "family torn apart by tragedy and they come together thanks to the power of Christ" movies, except in this movie, the message doesn't work at all. One character, who's a drug user, gets his girlfriend pregnant, is in a gang, and uses the foul language that should keep this movie from a PG rating, just all of a sudden changes for the better after cursing out God after his girlfriend gets stabbed in the stomach. Really, his change comes pretty much out of nowhere.

The main character's change for the better is more gradual and makes a bit more sense - she's convinced to help with a church's nativity play, and that mostly combined with the friendly carpenter changes her from being a clubbing, drunken mess to a more put-together young lady.

But that's not enough to save this movie. The plot overall is slow, and there's somehow too many plot threads and yet not enough. The characters are almost entirely unlikable, and nobody ever calls out the step-mom for her obvious preference for her biological son and her blindness to his drug use and stealing her money and how absurdly critical she is of her step-daughter; at one point the step-daughter shows up in short shorts and a sparkly shirt, and the step-mother says "Did you get that at a thrift store?" with contempt. Which is absurd - she's more concerned that her step-daughter may have bought clothes secondhand than that her step-daughter is dressed like a hooker and keeps coming home drunk.

But then in the end we find out the step-mother is responsible for the death of her step-daughter's biological mother, but her new husband (the step-daughter biological father) is fine with that, and the drug-using son says "Hey God, please let my girlfriend live" and then there's a mediocre duet of "Mary Did You Know?" that then repeats during the credits immediately after the duet first ends.

There's plenty of other Christmas movies that have a "redeeming power of Christ" message that have much more solid plots and likable characters than this one.

Reviewed by ISeeLots 1 / 10


This movie was extremely slow paced. Pretty bad acting for some people/parts and the subject matter was realistic but it wasn't pleasant. Whoever wrote the script and directed the movie did a horrible job with a couple characters. The gardener was made out to look like a pedophile. The character is just really made out kind of creepy. Also, the girl with the bruise to me I thought was a hicky because of the way she lived her life (you'll know what I'm talking about if you saw the movie) The scene violent scene at the ended was horribly placed and shot, they made it look like it was a dream.

The only part of the movie I liked was the idea of the movie, certain ideas, the love story, the children's play, I just wish they did a better job at filming the movie, the camera angles, the script, the acting, some scenes left out or some script parts left out or changed. I didn't like the boy and Angle's story line, it was really kind of stupid and dull. The drug use always frustrates me in movies because the people are just unbelievably stupid.

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