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Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10

Sodrásban/Current:A quasi philosophical film by Istvan Gaal about the manners in which a death is tackled.

"We only think when we are confronted with problems". This quotation by one of America's leading philosophers John Dewey aptly describes the plight of this film's young protagonists when they find themselves gaping into the huge hole of emotional impasse after the sudden disappearance of one of their close friends. Sodrásban/Current begins in an extremely light manner with scenes of fun, frolic and pranks. At the heart of the film is the fate of a weak person who is either underrepresented or his voice is brutally suppressed. It does not matter whether he is dead or alive. This is what happens to a student Gabi and his hapless grand-mother when they are slighted by his affluent friends. In many ways, Istvan Gaal tackles the general feelings and moods of Hungarian youngsters who were finding it difficult to grow in a post world war II Hungary. Death or the sudden disappearance of a friend is a bitter experience for anybody. However, it becomes unbearable when the loss is caused due to negligence. In Sodrásban/Current it gives rise to long periods of self evaluation, assessment of one's life especially in regards to one's association with a fellow human being. Lastly, film critic Lalit Rao discussed Sodrásban in detail with Mr.Istvan Gaal when they met at New Delhi during 33rd International Film Festival of India 2002.

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