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Reviewed by momtazbh 7 / 10

Some films aren't meant for enjoying

SOLD is an uncomfortable watch. A 13-year-old girl is repeatedly raped and as the viewer, we have to sit back and witness it, glancing away from the screen because at times it's too difficult to fathom, or perhaps taking brief looks while shuffling in our seats trying hard to focus on something else, just to get through the movie.

The film is based on a novel of the same name by Patricia McCormick. It centres on a young Nepali girl who is sold by her father unknowingly to a brothel in India. She is taken here against her will, beaten, tortured and raped until she finally escapes.

An estimated 20,000 children are trafficked from Nepal every year, a figure that is rising. It is not an issue exclusive to the country, but a form of human slavery that exists all over the world; a subject that Director Jeffrey Brown aims to raise awareness about through his debut film.

There is little respite, just a few moments of joy when the children of the brothel are given brief opportunities to be kids such as flying kites and dropping waterbombs on unsuspecting passers by made from condoms – but there's no 'happy ending' to look forward to. Life for these women is depicted just as it is in reality – difficult, desperate, depressing…all the negatives you can think of.

Who is this film for? It doesn't exist to 'entertain' or make viewers come out and think 'I loved that film' – it serves a different purpose. One that we often overlook in filmmaking. It has the power to change things. SOLD will make you reassess your own situation, spark discussion and raise awareness. It may even give hope to the women around the world who are in this situation as there are plans to screen it in schools, colleges and centres to educate people. At the very least it will give you an insight into a world you will never experience – something it does with passion and sensitivity.

SOLD takes a while to digest but it's a film that is bold, brave and necessary: something you can't say about the majority of movies that are churned out of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Reviewed by mmcrajiv 10 / 10

A must see movie

Sold is a masterpiece movie made on Sex Trafficking. I read numerous articles, novels, watched documentaries on this issue, but nothing shook me from root before. An Excellent production! Every scene, every character was awesome! Some scenes will make you smile, some scenes will give you goose bumps and there are some scenes, that will make you feel uncomfortable, and trust me, that makes the movie so special. After watching this movie, you will feel that you have to take some steps to stop human trafficking. There are stories within the story, characters within characters. So much detail! So much stories unknown! There's a scene where a sex worker mother asks her children to go out as she got a customer to serve, and the children went out so casually - this kind of scenes are often missed from other video fictions. Sold is a must see movie! Recommended to all!

Reviewed by blackmancathy 10 / 10

This captivating film opened my eyes to the horrors of human trafficking

I loved this movie! It is an eye opening story of human trafficking told about one girl whom is sold into slavery but brings to light the prevalence of this tragedy in India and throughout the world.

Some of the scenes are tough to see but are realistic to what these children and women go through in reality. You could not make such a great movie about such a tough subject without showing some of the horrors that these women and children go through. It is filmed in India and Nepal with fantastic location shots. There are some very heart warming scenes that remind you these are just children.

After seeing this film you will want to get involved in some way to stop human trafficking. This is a must see movie! Don't miss this eyeopening film!

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