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Reviewed by paulyork 10 / 10

A futuristic morality tale

Soldier is vastly underrated. It's actually a great movie. I think it may be misunderstood because it is more like an old Western than a modern dystopian SF tale. It conveys the idea that genetically bred soldiers of the future still have something human in them, which can be awakened by the love of community. It certainly portrays the military industrial complex as evil and seeks to inject a sense of humanity into what it means to be a soldier. It could be seen as a morality tale in support of today's soldiers who are increasingly expected to act like robots in hi-tech wars. It juxtaposes the utopian self-supporting family community with the dehumanizing corporate-military machine -- which is unfortunately what many future conflicts may look like. As in a Western of old, the hero is the underdog fighting for the community against overwhelming odds. A one man Seven Samurai. I found it quite moving. The acting, story, sets, music -- all masterful. It's a mystery to me why it did poorly in the boxoffice. I hope Soldier 2 is made with the same cast set 20 years later!

Reviewed by soldier-81367 10 / 10

Sc-fi Western throwback to the '50s cowboy and cavalry flicks

Soldier a sci-fi Western about a gun-slinging born bred soldier who must protect a small community from his former comrades. Its a throwback to the '50s cowboy and cavalry flicks.Written by David Webb Peoples best known for his work on Unforgiven, Twelve Monkeys, and Blade Runner (though it's never overtly stated, Soldier is set in the same fictional universe as Blade Runner, and contains references to the earlier film). However, the movie's pulp charm belongs to its director, Paul W.S. Anderson—the genre maestro best known for directing video game adaptations (Mortal Kombat, the Resident Evil movies) and movies that feel like video game adaptations (The Three Musketeers, Alien vs. Predator).  Casting Kurt Russell a charismatic wise ass if there ever was one as an emotionless, antisocial killing machine might seem counter-intuitive, but his performance is so perversely committed (he spent 18 months preparing for the role) that it becomes compelling. Soldier is a seriously fun movie

It's pulpy but not campy, brisk but not frenetic. It's everything a B- movie should be.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Clunky, over the top sci-fi actioner

Paul Anderson's follow-up to EVENT HORIZON is another multi-million pound special effects space extravaganza, but it seems that the problems which faced EVENT HORIZON - namely that it was little more than a rehash of other, better movies - also faces this latest, violent movie. This time around the influences are even clearer, and yes, it's Rambo in space time, with a beefed-up Russell taking on a squad of superhuman soldiers and, predictably, winning. In one scene we see Russell applying camouflage paint to his face in a scene directly copied from Schwarzenegger's COMMANDO, while the nomadic colony brings to mind the MAD MAX trilogy, with even a touch of ALIEN 3 thrown in for good measure (the refuse planet being a giant scrapheap). At least SOLDIER tries to do something different this time around, but in the end we have yet another mindless film which substitutes plot for effects, and the plotting really is minimalist.

The theme of an almost android-like person trying to discover humanity has been explored loads of times, and this time it's no different. Kurt Russell struggles to convey pathos in his role and very nearly succeeds, while he is no great actor he is adequate in a role which only gives him a few scant lines of dialogue, and, just like Christopher Lee found in THE MUMMY, it's pretty difficult to convey feelings using only your eyes, but Russell just about does it. If not entirely successful, it's still a entertainingly bad effort. Also, for a man nearing 50, he's in great shape.

He is given able support by Jason Isaacs and Sean Pertwee, both returning from EVENT HORIZON, and Isaacs fits naturally into the old school type of leader who destroys anything in his path. Pertwee too is a long way from the kind of stuff his father was in, and both men cope well with their respective roles, even if they are quite small. Gary Busey also has a small role as a military man, and it's good to see him in a film again, even if he doesn't play the baddie this time (something of a rarity here folks). Jason Scott Lee, with a fake eyeball, visually plays the part of a heavy well, although he doesn't act (unless you count having a mean expression on your face as acting).

Once the action starts, however, it soon all falls apart. Firstly, it's all predictably bigger and more expensive than we've seen before, with rockets flying around in every corner and debris being scattered. Men getting shot is always a boring death to me, especially when it's repeated loads of times. However there are a few enterprising deaths to be had, the best being, of course, the final showdown between Lee and Russell, wherein Lee is slashed with an iron girder, has his arm and then his neck broken. It's bloody and gruesome (although when the film shows a brief glimpse of a man's blown-off leg, you have to give it some respect for not dwelling on the moment, the impact of the glimpse working much more effectively when the viewer uses his/her imagination), so you immediately see why I liked it. In the end, though, SOLDIER is an insubstantial film, much like EVENT HORIZON was. It's an intriguing premise, to be sure, but one which is severely hampered by poor execution. So-so.

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