Soldier Boyz


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 1228

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Michael Dudikoff as Major Howard Toliver
Tyrin Turner as Butts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 6 / 10

Watch out for the video game in 1997!

When Gabrielle Prescott (Hansen), daughter of rich white man Jameson Prescott (Brandt) is kidnapped by the National Liberation Front leader Vinh Moc (Tagawa) and held for ransom, Jameson enlists Major Howard Tolliver (Dudikoff) to rescue her. Thinking he can't do it alone, he enlists a ragtag team of prisoners, and together, they are the titular "Soldier Boyz" (even though one of them is female). They all travel to Vietnam and must train together - and they don't always get along. Will the Soldier Boyz be victorious? Dudikoff puts in his usual good performance amidst the usual classic clichés, such as the exploding guard towers. Imagine a Nam Angels-type situation with a bearded Dudikoff for part of the time. Add in some of The Walking Dead and there you have it. While this movie is a low-budget actioner with a "Z" in "Boyz" instead of an "S" (S's are just not cool. Z's are much cooler, clearly), this movie is actually well-made. Tagawa is fitting as the ruthless, evil leader, something he's surely familiar with playing. You basically care about the characters - are they a youth group or prisoners - or a youth group of prisoners? Don't forget, the donation of ten million dollars to their youth group is "non-negotiable"! The movie is fast paced, with some good action sequences. Tolliver has a bad attitude because his family was gunned down (shown in flashback and never mentioned again). During the extensive training, all the Soldier Boyz try to fight Tolliver and naturally they all lose. Probably because they're not as awesome.

The ending is a bit abrupt, but that's fairly common for these Direct To Video/Cable outings. There's something here for Dudikoff fans.

Watch out for the video game in 1997! (Yes, there is actually a Soldier Boyz game for your PC).

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Passable B-movie actioner

SOLDIER BOYZ is the kind of derivative B-movie action I enjoy watching once in a while, although I think constant exposure to these films would drive me insane. This one is a low budget, updated version of THE DIRTY DOZEN, with a youthful cast and a plot that heavily relies on RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II for its thrills and spills. This is dumb, even lunkheaded stuff, never plausible for a second: the film never explores how or why the prisoners are going on the mission or for what reason. They just kind of head off and do their stuff in a series of explosive set-pieces that make fine use of bloody squib hits to up the ante of violence.

Leading this shames is '80s action man Michael Dudikoff. He's pretty unnoticeable here in the ensemble cast, and I kind of spotted that he looks a lot older than when I saw him last, and that was it. The young cast is a mixed-up group of Hispanics, tough black guys, and the token warrior woman thrown in for good measure. Character evolution is completely clichéd, with the bad guys turning good, and you can predict pretty much everything that happens. Nevertheless, I liked the drama they wrung out of the story, with Channon Roe's Neo-Nazi character taking top honours as the most entertaining in the film. A subdued Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa hangs around on the sidelines as the chief villain and does a little boo-hiss stuff.

I didn't care much for the climax, which over relies on tons of explosions to finish things off, but there is a fun if obvious twist later on. Elsewhere the action is well delivered in a kind of '80s bombastic fashion, but there's too much silliness in the way the guys fight. Not only do we have people shooting from the hip and using AK-47s one-handed, but one guy has watched too many John Woo films and runs around with his pistols tilted on their sides at all times. It just looks stupid. Aside from this and the inane title, SOLDIER BOYZ is a passable B-thriller for those charitable enough to watch it.

Reviewed by heymanki 1 / 10

Oh my god! :S

I just can't find the words... Reading the title can make you understand already what type of a movie it is. And yes, it's a comedy. Really! Nobody can make a serious flick like that, the action sequences we're more realistic in "Hot shots"(I'm not being ironical) I'll just concentrate on the military point of view.

A) the main character is supposed to be a bad-ass retired major. What kind of a leader would take into his team a psychopathic woman, a black serial killer/rapist,a skinhead, a Mexican gang member, a black gang member and some guy with who's martial arts he was just impressed with. What the hell was the criteria that he chose them for? He was not able to predict that there might be a few problems in the team? Rapist vs girl; skinhead vs blacks&Mexican; black vs Mexican etc.

B) why are the Americans using an AK-47 and the Vietnamese M-16's?(using an AK-47 would be logical if you would want to use the enemy's ammo, but its kind of a fail if they're using a different caliber weapon) + where did the Vietnamese get Humvees and Huey's and M60's and M72's? Vietnam war leftovers? :S

C) if the major wants 6 people in his team, I think he could be able to find 6 ex-soldiers in a prison, no? A 40 year old veteran would for sure be a better choice than a guy who doesn't even know how to use a gun. D) the major trained them to be soldiers in 1 day. impressive!

E) well actually you can see the results in the entire movie, they don't have the best shooting techniques in the world :D the Mexican runs around the forest with 2 pistols, shooting berserk; the black guy shoots half the time an M4 from 1 hand and kills a lot of Vietnamese... again - just impressive. Oh yeah, if a helicopter arrives, obviously the best technique is that everybody takes their gun in one hand and shoots in the air.

F) blood. incredible how much blood a skinhead can lose before falling down. any normal person would be in shock/unconscious from this huge blood loss, but not this guy, he can run at the same time and sometimes shoot back(PS! i loved his swastika tattoo :D some freehand drawing with black permanent marker)

I'm too tired to think about this movie any more. just stay away from it, i think the writer was drunk/stoned and wrote it in 1 night. i enjoyed "mega shark vs giant octopus" 10x more.

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