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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10


Gillian (Annie Clark) is a troubled chunky teen who is suicidal and has bad dreams. She takes meds. Gillian takes a job as a camp counselor at Camp Kaya. In order to prove she is worthy, she must spend two nights by herself on an island in the lake, one that is said to be haunted. She never seems to be solo on the island as she is visited by Fisherman Ray (Daniel Kash) one of three bad actors which include Camp owner Fred (Richard Clarkin) and his son Marty the Martian (Steven Love).

The solo act turns out to be a boring fight for her life.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 5 / 10

Camp Dread?

Young girl has a past trauma to deal with, so she applies to be a camp counsellor. Nice. But to pass the entry exam for being said counsellor she has to spend two nights alone on a remote island, thus proving her metal. Amazingly she's not as alone as is meant to be...

OK! The premise is weak, both in terms of logic and redundancy of formula, but that isn't a problem for those after a good compact scare picture to pass the time of day with. The trouble with Alone (AKA: Solo) is that it's just too dull for its own good, resorting to telegraphed boo-jumps at time scripted junctures. After a while you kind of find yourself wishing it had something more to offer on a psychological basis. The reveal of the threat is tedious, the execution of the last quarter equally so, but the performance of young Annie Clark in the lead and some efficient chill moments makes this just about passable as a time waster. 5/10

Reviewed by gwnightscream 5 / 10

Don't Camp Alone

This 2013 thriller tells about a teenage girl, Gillian (Annie Clark) who starts a job as a camp counselor, but must spend 2 nights camping alone in the woods as part of her initiation. Soon, Annie finds herself in a nightmare when she's stalked by someone lurking about. This isn't bad, it has some suspenseful moments, Clark does a decent job and there's nice scenery. Give this a try if you enjoy thrillers or even horror.

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