Solomon & Gaenor


Drama / Romance

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William Thomas as Idris Rees
Mark Lewis Jones as Crad Rees
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stefanee 10 / 10

This is an engrossing, heartbreaking, wonderful film!

Solomon and Gaenor is a film that sincerely captures the magic of the discovery of pure love, and also depicts so painfully what happens when ethnicism and hate work against it. I found so much of the film to be right on target with what people will do to make the "impossible" possible. There are so many forces at war in this movie: Truth versus deception; love versus hate; joy versus pain; sin versus virtue; ecstacy versus agony; and that's just a glimpse! I felt that I was not watching actors, but rather that I was part of the air surrounding the goings-on in these characters' lives. I was completely immersed in the story. Not only was the acting so on the mark, but the dialog was superb, the emotional struggle was palpable, and the lessons learned are as pertinent today as they were portrayed in this story set in Wales long ago. The story itself is truly a tragedy. The film, however, is magnificent.

Reviewed by =G= 6 / 10

Not a love story but a story of love.

"S&G" is the story of a pair of young adults, a Jewish man and a Welsh woman, who come together in 1911 Wales when times were tough, families ties were necessarily strong, and intense antisemetic feelings existed among the Welsh population. At issue is whether the star-crossed lovers are the victims of youthful infatuation and libido or so deeply in love they can persevere against all odds. "S&G", a well crafted film shot in Wales, spoken in three languages, with fine performances by the leads, is not likely to be a popular film owing to the many negative, foreign, or esoteric issues involved. However, its integrity cannot be denied.

Reviewed by carys816 7 / 10

Is this an English or a Welsh film???

Being Welsh, and being able to speak the language, I was particularly drawn to this film. This film is also part of the A level syllabus which is taught on Welsh courses, and even for Welsh learners. I see that many people have commented on the content of the film, and the effects of the love story in general. I would like to comment on the 'language' ethic of the film. As the film is trilingual, we notice it immediately raises a cultural conflict. However, most people have found that the film was shot in Welsh and English for the purposes of 'Welsh' audiences. I watched the Welsh version the other day, and it just doesn't make sense. To me, each culture is represented by the language that's spoken, be it Welsh, English and Yiddish. I see English as particularly symbolic as it provides a bridge between the Welsh/ Yiddish culture, which is embodied by Solomon and Gaenor. Why then, is it necessary to have a Welsh version where Solomon can coincidentally speak Welsh with a wonderful accent?? I was very confused by this. I think the English version should remain as it is, as this is the true purpose of the film- to present a story of forbidden love within the diversity of culture. English is a very important part of the film, and to record a Welsh version of it just seems pointless to the meaning of the story. I have every intention of thinking of this as a Welsh film, but that small difference has made a difference to its whole intention. Apart from this, the English version provided us with excellent acting, a wonderful score and a meaningful portrayal of love an Wales.

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