Some Girls


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 2855

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Jennifer Connelly as Gabriella
Patrick Dempsey as Michael
Sheila Kelley as Irenka
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NeelyO 10 / 10

One of the sexiest and smartest American sex comedies of recent years.

American college student Patrick Dempsey travels to beautiful Quebec City to spend Christmas with girlfriend Jennifer Connelly, who informs him upon arrival that she's no longer in love with him. Spending the vacation with her eccentric family -- including nudist/Pascal expert Andre Gregory, staunch Catholic Florinda Balkan and the luscious Sheila Kelley -- teach him a thing or two about the mysteries of life, love and women.

Cleverly written and gorgeously mounted -- wait til you see that house -- "Some Girls" is the kind of offbeat and eccentric comedy that the French often do so well but Americans rarely attempt. Little-seen upon its initial release, the film has developed a well-deserved cult following.

Reviewed by L_Miller 9 / 10

Not what you'd expect.

Jennifer Connelly + "Teen Comedy" = loads of T&A, right? No. This movie is about a thousand times smarter and more reflective than that. This movie made me more interested in seeing her movies for her acting and not just the yards of sweaty flesh. She's made some crapola since then; "Inventing the Abbotts" was a gigantic waste of everyone involved, "Mulholland Falls" made me genuinely wonder if she was about to pull a Bridget Fonda but then "Requiem for a Dream" and "A Beautiful Mind" set the world to right. This is a preview of the kind of career choices she was going to start making, with occasional forays into titillation-land to cover the rent.

It's just a movie, it's not going to reach out and change you or make you see God or anything. You will have to do that yourself. But it does draw you in anticipating a standard farce and instead getting a reflection on desire, wishes and the true definition of a life well lived.

There's plenty of teeny skin-and-blood (both original and new Irony-flavored) flicks out there, rent those if you want to be cool like everyone else. If you want to spend some time musing about a movie after you see it, rent this.

Reviewed by P Baker 9 / 10

An overlooked gem of a romantic comedy

France is famed for its romantics, but Quebec? In the winter? Well, perhaps it should be. A love-struck college student named Michael (Dempsey) has too many naive theories about women. Then he is invited, by his mysterious girlfriend Gabbie (Connelly) to visit her family over Christmas, in Quebec. Ah ha, he thinks; major progress. The first thing Gabbie tells Michael in Quebec, however, is that she no longer loves him. Yet, she wants him to stay for the holidays. The bewildered Michael is then introduced to Gabbie's truly bizarre family, including Gabbie's father (Gregory), a writer who can work effectively only in the nude; a priest (Milette) who is hopelessly in love with Gabbie's over-protective mother (Balkan); Gabbie's sensual sister Irenka (Kelley) and her boorish boyfriend (Edwards); and a clock-stealing sheepdog, among others.

Poor Michael continues to try to woo Gabbie, and almost succeeds, but is mightily distracted by Irenka and her younger sister, Simone (Greenfield). Then he meets Granny (Kedrova), the crazed and dying matriarch, who mistakes Michael for her long-dead husband of the same name. The film shifts tone as Michael discovers that love and sex need not be the same thing. The final lines of the movie sum it up well, as Michael muses that all his theories about women are bulls**t.

The few professional critics who saw this film gave it very low marks, and certainly there were things to criticize. The lead actors (Demsey, Connelly) were sometimes unconvincing, and the plot was erratic and almost non-existent. These were minor flaws, however, in an otherwise fascinating film. For the most part, the acting was enjoyable, the character development was fascinating, and the film filled with unexpected humor. The sexual tension was kept high, with very little actual sex, and the ending was satisfying.

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