Someone's Knocking at the Door


Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 1465

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Elina Madison as Wilma Hopper
Ezra Buzzington as John Hopper
Noah Segan as Justin
Lew Temple as Coroner Tom Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 4 / 10

tripping out

Much attention was given on specialized sites concerning this movie. So whenever there is a fuss about something your expectations are high. That must be the reason why this flick failed for so many. Would I say, it's horror, no, is it a throw back to the grindhouse, no again. I can't say were I should put it but I can tell that it really is some weird movie. A story about two killers living back into the seventies that raped people until they were dead. Somehow, they are back nowadays, but are they really? I can agree that some people don't get the movie. It's all about tripping, remember Jacob's Ladder. Some people had difficulties with that one too. After a while you don't know if you are in the real world or in the hallucinating mind. At the end it will all become clear if it is fake or real...Some scene's will really be offending for some but if you are into weird stuff or gory things than you won't have any problem with it. Gory it will get sometimes and some frontal nudity both male and female will appear too. The director really did put some effort into publishing it and he did well too. Happy to have seen it, again, not for the squeamish, but for the perverted out there.

Reviewed by artnude 2 / 10


Do not listen to the rave reviews like I did. You will be disappointed. I am a horror comedy fan and this falls flat on both counts. The acting isn't terrible, the production values aren't terrible but the entire execution is. The "story" is all over the place and gets boring very fast. It has a great start but then falls into a stupor that it never recovers from. The plot is weak, the characters cliché and the "twist" is laughable. I have watched plenty of less than stellar B movies and can forgive most anything if it keeps me interested. The only thing this movie kept me interested in was finding the fast forward button. If you are a horror fan you will hate it.

Reviewed by kittingrrl 4 / 10

hot mess with some good ideas

I have to preface this by saying I like Noah Segan. like him a lot. but even he couldn't save this from being the hot mess it was. there are some solid ideas behind this, but it has been done better before. the idea that this is a drug induced, on coming death hallucination is a tired twist. nothing new was added to the genre and it was not a really enjoyable trip. some of the visuals were really interesting, the sound design was excellent, and the acting wasn't terrible, but nothing seemed to gel the piece into a cohesive whole. I did watch the entire movie and didn't feel like I had completely wasted my time, but it just didn't have any holding power. which is a shame.

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