Something Like a Business



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Chris Spencer as Payton Profit
Kimleigh Smith as Ms. Bening Road
Danièle Watts as Chlamydia
Tanjareen Thomas as Taquan's Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steelhorse93 7 / 10


I thought it was funny man..... yea a disgusting scene or two but I laughed mostly through the movie...It was cool.The girl who pulled the sword out of her ass, that was funny. The dude who look like prince, he was funny as hell to. And the gay pimp when he said,"datum you looked like you fell out a tree", that was funny too cause the chick did look like she was JOJO, (kevin Hart) was his self. J Anthony Brown was funny as hell. Like a knock off Judge Joe Brown but more ghetto. Oh, black cop white cop was also funny too. The white cop was just horny the whole time and the black cop, well, he wasn't no different from what I see in Houston right now. smh. Overall the movie was a simple made move that was funny. Oh that chick that kept singing. What about the Children? and the microphone just slides out of nowhere....lmao..

Reviewed by tabjeep 8 / 10

Funny as hell...

I have to say that i'm not aware of other Parr's films but this one is truly funny as hell.

He graped all the stereotypes about black people and used it in a hilarious way. This is what we call in Greece "To knowing myself". The acting is exceptional for this kind of movie and the characters has been treated with absolute care one by one. It's a well structured comedy and all the quotes and impersonations of other familiar people are just brilliant and hilarious.

The impersonation of D.Washington from the movie "Trainign Day" was one of the greatest scenes in the film. Same for the actress who's playing the pageant girl, i couldn't breath cause of the laughs. But as i said above, the thing that does this film such a great comedy is Rus. Parr's brilliant way to use all the stereotypes into a self-sarcastic way.

Don't miss. I don't know if i should recommend to you to go to the theaters but definitely get it on DVD. It's just a great comedy for a long time now. Enjoy it.

Reviewed by krensie 2 / 10

After his uncle's abrupt demise, JoJo struggles as he takes over the escort business left behind, dealing with aggressive competitors and the police.

After his uncle's abrupt demise, JoJo struggles as he takes over the escort business left behind, dealing with aggressive competitors and the police. This movie is about taking over the uncle's pimp business, when he dies. He has to recruit new girls. And keep the family business alive. I thought reading the summary that this movie would be funny as hell, boy was I wrong. It is not funny and very bad. The movie doesn't seem to get going. It's got some stereo type black elements in it but not at all funny. Only funny thing was the Denzel Training Day bit. And the Chinese taking the dog every time to put in the food. The ending is poor also. Wouldn't spend my money on it.

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