Sometimes They Come Back... Again


Action / Horror

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Hilary Swank as Michelle Porter
Alexis Arquette as Tony Reno
Jennifer Elise Cox as Jules Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hurdleston 2 / 10

What the...?

This movie was like watching a presentation in a community college class on movie effects. I was watching it and got the notion that I could write a better movie, so I did. It took about 14 minutes. I kept feeling like they were deciding on exactly what to do as the scenes came up. No planning at all. The death scenes were laughable. The acting was too. This movie should have been called, If Nothing Else Is On, Watch This Muted Because Hillary Swank Is In It. That's basically what we did, minus the muted part. I would recommend, if you enjoy this movie, that you see a doctor immediately. There is a good chance that something serious is wrong with your head. Who knows, maybe there is a tarot card stuck in it.

Reviewed by cmagu 8 / 10

Better than the original

This is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. It may have been direct to video, but it was theater worthy. It has everything a great horror movie needs: a great plot, the wonderful and chilling music, the great acting, the amazing death sequences, and the villain Tony Reno (Alexis Arquette) gives the movie life. It deserves higher than viewers give it. If it were up to me, i'd put it in the top 250.

The first film is good, but it was too happy for me. The third is good, but really should have been a stand alone film. This is a more accurate version of King's story, including a ritual from the story that never made it into the first film.

If you want a good horror film, watch this. You'll be happy you did.

Reviewed by ctomvelu-1 10 / 10

Effectively scary sequel

A surprisingly good followup to the 1991 TV adaptation of a Stephen King short story, 1996's SOMETIMES 2 follows the plot of the original closely, but is perhaps even scarier this time around. A man haunted by the death of his sister at the hands of three brutes 30 years before returners to his hometown , nubile daughter in tow. The three brutes return from the dead as demons and plan to do in the guy's daughter. Michael Gross, the father from that old Michael J. Fox show, plays the dad and pre-stardom Hillary Swank plays the daughter in peril. A rather strange Arquette family member, Alexis, plays the sinister leader of the demonic trio. And believe me when I say, he is truly creepy. There is plenty of blood and violence, so the "R" rating slapped on this STV is well deserved. Enjoy. I saw it again recently and it has lost none of its power.

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