2021 [HINDI]

Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 39880

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Nikitin Dheer as Mukhtar Ansari
Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham
Asif Basra as Rafique
Ranveer Singh as Sangram Bhalerao

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 6 / 10

An average masala entertainer boosted by Rohit Shetty's unique idea of Cop-Universe

Sooryavanshi (2021) : Movie Review -

Sooryavanshi has been awaited since 2018 when Veer Sooryavanshi made a surprise entry in Rohit Shetty's Cop-Universe. In the climax scene of 'Simmba', it was clear that Akshay Kumar's Veer Sooryanashi isn't going to be the same cop we have seen before. He was supposed to be different from 'Singham' and 'Simmba' and after watching Sooryavanshi, it is confirmed. An interesting thing to note here is, Veer Sooryavanshi is a combo of both the Super Cops- Singham and Simmba. He is intense like Singham and at the same time he is funny & quirky like Simbba. Rohit Shetty gambles smartly with the idea of bringing together these three super cops in a mainstream entertainer and he adds couple of strong motives like Hindu-Muslim unity and a mandatory glorification of all the heroes in uniform who serve us day and night. The problem with the film is that it is too typical about its graphics. Not a single scene goes without prediction of audience. It seems like that Rohit Shetty hasn't moved from those stereotype glimpses of 'Chennai Express' (2013) and 'Singham Returns' (2015) as if those were great films. The box office success is a whole different thing when it comes to commercial potboilers but sadly it encourages our filmmakers to continue repeating the same things. It's 2021 but Rohit is still trying to make a film of 2011. 'Singham' still remains his best work post 'Golmaal Fun Unlimited' and now after watching 'Sooryavanshi', i am sure that he will never be able to make a high-repeat value film like that. His Golmaal franchise hasn't really got any good film since 2006, and the same goes with 'Singham' (considering it as a pioneer to this Cop-universe). He failed to leave an impact with every film he made after Singham but the problem is, he never learnt from mistakes. Rather, he continued using the same jokes and cliches in all his films because his films were smash hits at box office. Maybe the audience wants to see the same stuff again so i don't blame him much but i must say that he is losing his touch.

Veer Sooryavanshi, a honest ATS officer is given this tough task to find out about upcoming threats to the Mumbai City. As expected, we get to see the assemble of three "S" cops- Singham, Simbba and Sooryavanshi in an action packed and explosive finale. The screenplay is unexpectedly slow in the first half. Actually, it has nothing to show you. It's just a basic build-up. But then in the second half, it gathers a momentum when Simmba and Singham make dashing entries. Those last 20 minutes deliver a complete mass oriented blockbuster experience with lots of action, comedy (little childish) and heroic stuff. Sooryavanshi fails to create a standalone impact. The best possible reason for that could be the anticipation created about an assemble of three cops. The same thing happened with Simmba too. The same average entertainer of Rohit was boosted by powerful cameo of Singham and then Veer Sooryavanshi's introduction. From the trailer itself you know that there will be two grand entries sooner or later so naturally you start hyping it and forget the main hero. Akshay Kumar as Veer Sooryavanshi isn't a normal police officer, he is ATS officer. There is difference and people need to understand that. You come to know about it while watching the film and then you realise that you can't expect him to be out-an-out massy cop like the one he played in 'Rowdy Rathore'. His funny dialogues and seriously-quirky conversations keeps you engaged or should i say they are surviving factors. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous in every single scene but for a change, this character provides her couple scenes where she delivers some good dialogues effectively. Unexpectedly, Ranveer Singh as Bhalerao is too childish in this film. I don't know from where Rohit got this idea to present him in so funny manners that you even forget that he playing a police officer. He looks like comedian who is trying to bring those much needed gags in serious situations. That's not what we saw in Simmba. The same mistakes have been repeated with Ajay Devgn's character Singham. Shetty uses his mass values but forgets to keep his class alive. For instance you enjoy watching Singham when he makes a heroic entry but then you suddenly see him doing unnecessary comedy in utterly serious situations. Actually all three cops to be precise. I mean who cracks jokes when you are fighting with terrorists in a locked premises and a bomb on body?

Sooryavanshi has a big cast to fill the negative bag but none of them makes any difference. Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, Abhimanyu Singh, Sikander Kher, Nikiteen Dheer all are decent in their roles but nobody really looks like playing a dangerous villian. Of course i don't expect every Rohit Shetty film to have a terrific villain like Jaykant Shikare played by Prakash Raj but please give us something convincing at least. The music adds more glamour and entertainment in the film but slows down the pace. 'Aila Re Aila" comes with end credits, 'Mere Yaara' is strictly average and 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani' is there right after Interval point to surprise you. It does not match the original of course, but it's Hot! Rohit Shetty repeats those old cliches to satisfy his hardcore fans and maybe that's what they want. The struggle of cinematographer can be seen in those unstable frames. Thankfully, the background score is stimulating. Simmba had better though, which, you can experience here again on Ranveer's entry scene. Singham's BGM is out of reach by far.

Coming to the plus points, Rohit Shetty challenges himself to deliver some socially important stuff here. Like in Simbba, he tried to convey the seriousness of 'Rape Cases In The Country', here he brings patriotism and nationalism. He makes sure that every single thing is enjoyed by masses and family audiences. I am not sure if quality cinema lovers will like it. All said enough, i must say that Sooryavanshi is a relief for cinema industry as it brings back that much needed commercial cinema. We have been missing a big event film like this for almost 20 months, and here it is. Sooryavanshi deserves to be watched once with normal expectations. But the hype and excitement of assembled version of cops is left behind. In normal time (in 2020 i mean), it would have been a Super Hit at box office for sure. Predicting the box office fate today is difficult, especially for a film which is entitled to set the new parameters. With Sooryavanshi, we will know the new dimensions of box office so let's support it for that. Overall, an average film uplifted by first-ever grand assemble of three massy friendly characters in modern bollywood.

RATING - 6/10*

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 1 / 10

Terrible screenplay n poorly done action sequences. Better watch something on Netflix/Prime/Tubi or better rewatch Sarfarosh which is the best cop movie frm Bollywood.

Tubi is legal n totally free. They have amazing Hollywood movies.

Sarfarosh is one of the best cop movie ever made n it is very realistic, gripping n gritty.

The cops in Sarfarosh/Bullit/The French Connection doesn't hang around in helicopters n defy physics.

Coming back to this movie, there is nothing redeemable in this movie.

Basically its a poor man's Michael Bay movies rip off.

Ranveer Singh's character gets on ur nerves with his accent n body movements.

So much overacting man.

Akshay's character is totally unbelievable n anti physics.

His walks, his mannerisms n body language doesn't look like that of a cop.

I dont know how Devgn got trapped into this abysmal movie.

Some of the 80s Hollywood action movies are much better than this lousy movie.

If u are in the mood for realistic n good cop movies then better watch Sarfarosh, Bullit, The French Connection, End of Watch, Training Day, Serpico and the amazing Infernal Affairs. Avoid The Departed which is the remake of Infernal Affairs.

Reviewed by MuviFan73 6 / 10

Not as good as Rohits previous movies, seems desperate!

Story: During 93 Mumbai blasts 400kg RDX was used. The terrorists plan to detonate rest 600kgs in current future. Sooryavanshi and his team are in charge of neutralizing this havoc. Will they succeed? If yes than at what cost?

Cinematography & Direction: Average (Typical Rohit Shetty). A power pack entertainer which most of people would enjoy.

Acting (& music): I am not great fan when these things come. For example, we see Javed as comic artist so his portrayal failed. The comic nature of Vanshis to jumble up names is far away from fun. Vanshi aka Akahay looks old and comparison with other officers like Javed feels desperate. I liked Simmba's part although where he explains the consequences. Music was average.

Final Verdict: Singham and Simmba were better movies. I can't believe we waited so long for this movie. Disappointed.

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