Sorry, If I Love You

2008 [ITALIAN]


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Reviewed by audrulyte 9 / 10

Light romantic movie

I have seen this movie quite by chance. And at the very first few minutes into the movie, I was already starting to think that it was going to be a total waste of time. But alas the story quite slowly and bit unrealistic started to roll on and work on me.

The plot is quite simple - a much younger girl falls in love with older man (with 20 years of difference between them) and vice versa. And actually it is all so much a cliché seen in so many other romantic movies, that it is not worth of telling more. The very good addition to this very familiar love story (is there yet a single chance that not all good romantic ideas were already used on screen, uh?) are quotes of very different famous people on love which just pop up every time now and then on screen and thus not only add to the story, but kind of 'make' chapters of this movie.

So if you can take it in the beginning, this movie might be a nice and romantic movie for you to see. Don't search for a deep meaning, let it flow, and it will work just well.

Reviewed by RainDogJr 5 / 10

Sorry if I call this *forgettable*

I'm currently studying Italian and in yesterday's class we got to see a movie, an Italian one of course, for the very first time. The choice of my teacher was SCUSA MA TI CHIAMO AMORE, a completely unknown movie for me.

Remember when some years ago filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said that "new Italian cinema is just depressing"? Well, I can't say I'm with Quentin since I don't know much about new Italian cinema (or Italian cinema in general, but hey, at least I recently got the Fernando Di Leo crime collection on Blu-Ray!), but I simply recalled what he said because this movie made me think something like this: "having tons of great Italian films, what was my teacher thinking when she decided to go with this one?" It was Italian class and the whole point of watching a film was just to hear people speaking in Italian, so obviously we could have some truly great and interesting stuff. I remember that when both my sister and my cousin were studying Italian they said to me that a Roberto Benigni film (I think it was IL MOSTRO) was shown at a class. So instead of having some Benigni, we watched this modern romantic film; it might be modern since it's from 2008, but its storyline is just the f****** same thing we all have seen countless times before.

Criticizing a movie for its clichéd story is certainly a cliché itself, but I think it's necessary to point out how predictable SCUSA MA TI CHIAMO AMORE is. You are like 15 minutes into it and you just know each and every damn thing. It's also a cliché to say that this thing of having a tired storyline would really not matter if the movie gives you something else that's just great. As you can tell by my rating, with this there's nothing much that stand out. It tries to be funny, both in a straight and romantic way, but I didn't laugh nor find a memorable romantic side. It's simply ridiculous, with cheap stuff like having the two main characters meeting and getting along after being involved in a traffic collision. Or what about when the girl gets all of the sudden involved in the work issues of the guy (who is 20 years older than her)? It's soap opera stuff.

Also, there's a problem with the minor characters; for instance, when the happy ending of an apparent subplot comes, out of nowhere, to the screen I was just like "who are these characters? And why should I care about them?" For me this is weak writing, and editing too; the film is full of phrases about love (by people like William Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda) and sometimes we have them on the screen out of nowhere as well. In few words: when the only thing that interests you of an Italian movie is that it is spoken in Italian, something is very wrong.

*Watched it on March 24, 2012

Reviewed by jotix100 5 / 10

Excuse me if I call you "love"

There are a large number of characters moving in and out of the story brought to the screen, and directed by Federico Moccia. Having been given the DVD as a gift, we tried to watch it a few times, but could not get into it. Finally, we decided to persevere, basically on the strength of Raoul Bova's performance, and it turned out to be a mildly pleasant experience, although one wonders what made it such a hit when it first made it commercial debut in Italy.

The idea of a May-December romance is not exactly new to the movies. In fact, Hollywood is notorious for pairing its aging male stars with younger, luscious newcomers to some excellent results. "Sabrina", "Love in the Afternoon", "Gigi", "Funny Face", just to mention a few, as well as other films, exploited the possibility of an older man falling for women that could well be their daughters. Never quite understood the allure for the mismatched couples other that the aging male stars needed vehicles in which to show they were still desirable and could perform in bed. Of course the comparison is a bit extreme because in this film, even with the age difference, Alessandro and Niki make a nice couple to look at.

Mr. Moccia's story centers around an advertising executive, Alessandro Belli, being dumped by his live in companion, Elena. Confused about being left alone, he avoids the idea of falling in love again. A traffic accident involving Niki, a teen ager in a motorcycle, serves as the excuse to have them meet. Alessandro is aware of the attraction, but he fights it. For Niki, obviously the older man presents no problem. Niki, a liberal minded young woman, has no problem seducing the reluctant Alessandro, in spite of the twenty year age difference.

The comedy is mildly amusing. Mr. Moccia manages to keep things moving around at a good pace. The only question in our mind is how permissive the parents of Niki can be. The new generations of youngsters, all over the world, seem to be able to do what they want, if one is to believe the way the parents of Niki are so self involved in themselves, not to notice how their daughter's affair with the older Alessandro is not exactly what they wanted for her.

Raoul Bova is an accomplished comedy actor and his presence is always welcome. Michela Quattrociocche is a beautiful newcomer to the Italian cinema. Both were reunited by the director in another film we have not seen, but it might be a sequel, based on the popularity of this film in its native land.

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