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Action / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 472793


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Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens
Michelle Monaghan as Christina Warren
Vera Farmiga as Colleen Goodwin
Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Rutledge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darkraven_109 9 / 10

Definitely a Sci-Fi film to remember

The future of movies doesn't seem too bright since all we're getting are remakes, adaptations and unnecessary prequels/sequels and that's why original stuff like SOURCE CODE can really make my day.

Honestly, the trailers and initial premise didn't seem promising; some soldier can travel back in time and has to stop an some evil terrorist from bombing America. At first glance it looked more like some patriotic Steven Segal movie written by Tom Clancy with a higher budget and better actors. And then you watch it.

Like INCEPTION, this is one of the few movies that you can't spoil since even the smallest detail could accidentally reveal a twist or two. The story itself is a very original blend of thriller, sci-fi and drama and it works. Full of unseen twists and with a high octane pacing, SOURCE CODE will keep you wanting for more as each answer is slowly revealed. The script helps too but its the actors, who deliver the lines well, who drive the movie into emotional levels. My only problem with the film is some weak foreshadowing but it thankfully doesn't affect the movie in a bad way and to give any more details would spoil the film.

To keep it short and to avoid accidentally spoiling a plot detail or two, SOURCE CODE is a must watch. It's one of the few original films out there in a market full of crap and it's definitely worth your money. It's just a pity that Hollywood doesn't seem to be supporting these kinds of films.

Reviewed by sbusch-35048 9 / 10

Simple but effective

Despite its short run time, Source Code manages to cover a great deal of exciting scenes and twists (some more predictable than others, but they are exciting and warranted nonetheless). Its best to go in knowing a minimal amount of what is going to happen. In fact, the movie itself is minimal, but by answering things that are usually important to the story at a rapid pace, the minimalist effect works well. Some may complain of the ending, but it works within the story well and leaves the audience with a large amount of space to think. All in all, an enjoyable ride that will leave you contemplating what you saw and satisfied with its workmanlike nature.

Reviewed by kalkaanslag-62205 10 / 10

In par with the best Sci-fi thrillers, like Inception

Source Code is one of my favorite movies of all time! It's sublimely acted and directed, and many of the plothole-y problems others have had with it, do seem quite far fetched, but still plausible to me. (Spoilers beneath)

One question many people have is where the mind of the history teacher goes when his body is taken over. My initial thought was that it just gets erased, or replaced, like a CD that you could burn. This only adds to an intriguing perspective; whether this is ethically right.

Another interesting ethical question this movie rises, is whether lives in a parallel universe matter. Our protagonist cares a lot about the passengers on the train, but does their alternate existence matter at all in a universe where they've already died?

What I loved was that there is - apart from the bomber, of course - no real bad guy in the end of the movie. In the part where Colleen wants to accept the wishes of Colter and let him die, the actions of the Doctor are equally good, just from a different standpoint. Colleen wants relieve Colter of his tormenting state of artificial consciousness, which ends up giving him a second life which he loves, instead of the mental imprisonment he would have to endure. However, the Doctor's need to keep him alive is of greater humanitarian benefit, as Colter could help to prevent future catastrophes.

The ending is absolutely perfect in my opinion. Colter sending the email to Colleen gives her just enough clues to the outcome of the Source Code experiment, and the Doctor's comment about the experiment not having been done in this universe really reminds you how different, yet similar this universe is to the original. It also provides the most intriguing question of the film: Has this been done before? Have the instructions that Colter gives to Colleen been given in the first universe as well? Thus, is the first universe already a artificially created one by Source Code?

In conclusion: Source Code is a non-stop thrill ride that keeps you guessing throughout the movie, and provides answers as our protagonist is figuring it out as well. It's intelligent, beautifully shot and created, thought provoking and just a ton of fun. 10/10, must see!

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