South Park: Post COVID


Animation / Comedy

IMDb Rating 8.2 10 15

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SethTK 8 / 10

I enjoyed it

It was fun to see the boys al grown up, sad we didnt get to see timmy tho. I cant wait for the covid part to be over tbh. I like these episiodes but the other random ones are way more fun.

Reviewed by nim-rod77 7 / 10

finally a decent take (so far - part1)

The previous ones were on the wrong side of the isle.. now its pretty hard to be .. considering time proved all conspiracies and virtues ) it doesnt backtrack its mistakes that much, and it doesnt push all the buttons, but it also doesnt do much bad. So its enjoyable.

The path towards virtue is winding and the bias needs to take several hits till its subdued. By 2024 i sense a southpark revolution.

Reviewed by djw-20709 10 / 10

Phenomenal. Anti vax trumptards will skew the ratings

Well worth the wait. Just like the vaccination special, Anti vax trumptards will skew the ratings crying and moaning and call it "propaganda" and accuse South Park of going "woke".

Trumptards have zero sense of humor. Literally, never met a genuinely funny trumptard. Their entire personality is politics in 2021. The reviews of the vaccination special drive that point home.

South Park: Post Covid was GREAT. And any true South Park fan will agree.

Can't wait for the new episodes!

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