South Park: Post Covid - The Return of Covid


Animation / Comedy

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April Stewart as Wendy Testaburger / Sharon Marsh / Shelley Marsh
Delilah Kujala as Amazon Alexa
Kimberly Brooks as (voice)
Matt Stone as Kyle Broflovski / Tweek Tweak / Craig Tucker / Scott Malkinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Donatien3 10 / 10

Getting Their Tegridy Back

After two years of COVID-19-themed specials, "South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid" is a fitting conclusion to the saga.

Known for their fast turnaround times, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have adapted to the pandemic, with a series of hour-long specials (replacing the usual 10 episode seasons) tackling the pandemic and how the South Park Universe reacted to it.

While this is arguably the most ridiculous of the specials, with time travel, Butters becoming a shifty and dangerous NFT salesman, passive-aggressive Alexa assistants, and Cartman again trying to sabotage Kyle and Stan, it also has the most optimistic ending of the whole series.

Butters' arrival was teased at the end of "South Park: Post Covid", and he doesn't disappoint - though rather appearing as his supervillain alter ego Professor Chaos, he appears as Victor Chaos the NFT salesman. Parker and Stone have a lot of fun parodying the NFT craze, with Butters' slick powers of persuasion proving just as deadly as the ridiculous NFT concept, which seems to amount to a series of silly cartoon pictures on people's phones.

There's also the return of Tegridy Weed as a vital plot point. While Randy's Tegridy storyline got a bit tiring in the regular season run, it works well here (in smaller doses), manages to turn South Park around, and teaches everyone to deal with COVID-19 - rather than try and fight it - which makes them a lot happier and able to live relatively normal lives.

Probably the best part is Cartman's fate. Many fans expected his Jewish conversion in "Post Covid" to just be an act to make Kyle angry, and they waited for the rug to be pulled under them. While this doesn't happen, the Tegridy-inspired happier ending see Cartman homeless, drunk, and swearing aimlessly at his former friends Kyle, Stan, and Butters, which would be sad if it was anyone else. Instead, it's a fitting ending for him, considering all the horrible things he's done in the 20-plus years of "South Park".

While the happy ending seems to wrap everything up, "South Park" isn't going anywhere, with Parker and Stone signing a big deal with Paramount+ for at least six more years, taking the show to three decades on the air, which is entering "Simpsons"-levels of longevity, meaning "South Park" fans have a lot to look forward to.

Reviewed by 0w0 2 / 10

Didn't even giggle once...

This is without a doubt, one of the unfunniest episodes of South Park ever made.

The story/plot is terrible and non-sensical. And there's not a single joke in the entire episode. I didn't giggle, or laugh once. The episode is 60minutes long (excluding ads), and it didn't get a single giggle.... not even a snicker.

This episode wasted 60minutes of my life. 60minutes that I will never get back.

Reviewed by MoistMovies 8 / 10


Half of this special was calling NFTs ponzi schemes. As someone who's been in cryptocurreny for many years I see NFT's for the 90% scam they are. Trey and Matt certainly have an opinion on that too hahaha

The special was done really well, It had so many southpark easter eggs in it to. No one was skipped over except mr hanky, jesus or santa.. (satan is dead now in southpark lore i guess, sad days)

All the people getting fussy over the first part and thinking it was biased in some way... If you still think that after this then im not sure there's much in helping you. Southpark is still just as great as it's always been.

I hope it comes back in a series format tho, the episodic earlier seasons were my favorite, but i still enjoy the serialized ones in a different way.. but its been played out and i hope this TV movie way of continuing doesnt leave us with just a couple hrs of southpark a year. Both is the way to go. We need real comedy right now.

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