Spare Parts

1979 [GERMAN]

Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 636

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Reviewed by chet19 7 / 10

A spooky, suspenseful little gem

Saw this in the horror section of video store and it looked worth a rental. It was. A poor young German chick and her newlywed husband go on their honeymoon in New Mexico. The lady innkeeper is way too friendly, so you sort of suspect something is up with her. Later, an ambulance appears out of nowhere and kidnaps the hubby away. The wife pleads to the innkeeper for help, but now the innkeeper claims she doesn't know the wife, even though she just rented her a room! In a bizarre twist (yet it works well), the wife ends up hitching a ride with Sierra Bill, a good ol' boy trucker. So you got this redneck Texan helping a German student who's looking for her Princeton husband. Anyway, they come up with a pretty cool plan. It gets suspenseful and a bit confusing, but all is explained in the end. Jutta Spiedel surprised me as a really good actress, considering I did not know her work before this film. Good stuff

Reviewed by dimmerfive-1 8 / 10

Atmospheric 70's Gem

During the long winter of 2009 I discovered the 50 movie value pack DVD's from Millcreek . These contain Films that fall into public domain and range from truly awful to outstanding. Thus the film "Spare Parts " aka " Fleisch " a little gem of a movie I would of passed up in a video store judging from the video box artwork ( a girl chopped up on the cover )thinking it would be another stupid slasher flick but as I got to view it I was surprised to find a great thriller with an outstanding synthesizer score by Eugen Thomas. The plot is simple an organization kidnapping people for their organs, but due to the filming locations (the desert of New Mexico, the streets of Manhatten) good acting and the great eerie synthesizer score this movie is Highly Recommended . way better than the crap that Hollywood has been producing in the last 10 years ( look how they botched " The Day the Earth stood Still " ) Check it out ! and let's hope somebody can put out a soundtrack compilation of the works of Eugen Thomas.

Reviewed by Rainey-Dawn 6 / 10

Intriguing Little TV Horror-Thriller

Drive-in 50-pack is where I got this film, under the name "Spare Parts". I didn't think I would like it but the movie actually pulled me in - got me interested fairly fast and held it to the end of the film - I was surprised.

It's a weird film! A couple gets married, goes on honeymoon, stays at the honeymoon motel, here comes the ambulance then complete strangeness of the film begins. The more of the film you watch, the stranger it gets.

The movie will have you asking questions: Why didn't she go to the police right from the start? Why did truck driver Bill help her (he never answered her nor the viewer's question)? Why did the truck drivers help her? When the police did get involved, why didn't she tell them there ARE other witnesses - the truck drivers? What happened to the ambulance drivers at the end of the film - were they caught?

Dr.Jackson is creepy - even when she decides to turn herself into the police and helps the girl she's just plain creepy!

This is not a great film but it is an interesting one. It takes some twists and turns that are unexpected - it's not a slasher film like I thought it was going to be. It's not perfect - it's got it's flaws - but it is worth watching for a 1970s made for TV horror-thriller.


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