SparkShorts Out


Animation / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryanpearson-28238 1 / 10

NOT for Children

Not for children. Not for disney. Not for discussion.

Reviewed by monkeyenn 9 / 10

Nice Short Movie

It is a very nice movie with a nice message. It is very funny. It has a twist that you wouldn't have expected. The animation is very pretty. I recommend it!

Reviewed by hellojaeson 7 / 10

Important little steps

This film is about having a secret you don't feel comfortable sharing with your parents. It's about being different and not feeling like it's acceptable to the mainstream world.

'Out' is important because it's by a mainstream media company like Disney. Produced by Pixar (another mainstream entertainment company).

Together they're saying we're OK with different people in our society so long as they are life affirmative.

I cried happy tears at the end even though I felt the tone of the film was aimed at a pantomime level appreciation of these complex emotions of the short film's characters. Their facial expressions could have more nuanced without losing the audience.

There's a plot twist that is inspired and helps lighten the misadventures into a kind of Buster Keaton Bugs Bunny manic energy while keeping the jeopardy of the main character alive.

All in all, a brave new addition for a world embracing non-mainstream humans into our open hearts and minds.

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