Speaking of Sex


Comedy / Romance

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Greg Pitts as Deputy Trousdale
Jay Mohr as Dan
Phil LaMarr as Joel Johnson, Jr.
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Reviewed by raulfaust 6 / 10

Good and bad at the same time

You know, this is film is strangely funny. It's directed/written in a very underground way, but kinda works.

There are some very funny scenes involving the human nature towards sex; I really laughed when Melinda described the elevator scene to the lawyers and they wanted to stop for a while because they were getting' turned on.

Basically, the movie is about Melinda, a very innocent girl - to not say dumb. It looks like she's high in the whole movie. Daniel is her husband who can't get an erection for a reason you will find out in the end of the movie. Jay Mohr is brave to play such a ridiculous character like Dan.

But that's it: a few funny scenes in a charming comedy that won't change your life, but will probably entertain.

Reviewed by afterdarkpak 7 / 10

stupid.... but funny.....james spader , bill murray ,melora . good act.

Good production quality with some some really decent funny acting by almost every character.

i never seen james spader doing comedy but he did this very well. he is funny. the plot is simple but it keep getting complicated later but still its easy to understand. im really glad that it wasnt serious movie, otherwise it would be a disaster.

Reviewed by Bob_the_Hobo 7 / 10

Pretty Good

I love anything with Bill Murray, or James Spader or Catherine O'Hara, so this seemed like a good deal. It was.

We have James Spader as a psychiatrist, who gets referred a patient played by Melora Walters, who is having marital troubles with her husband, played by Jay Mohr. Spader is turned on by Walters, however, and breaks any existing doctor-patient relationships when they have elevator sex. The ensuing events have Murray and O'Hara as two lawyers trying to level the damage done.

As another reviewer said, this reminded me very much of a French farce. "Speaking of Sex" uses the same brand of humor used by say La Cage Aux Folles, a lot of dry, goofy laughs that may be hysterical to some and irritating to others.

Bill Murray gets top billing, even though he's in probably half of the movie. Still, he's the best part of the movie and had me laughing the most. It's a Bill Murray performance with his type of lines. Spader was also funny, though, as our star, he was easily outweighed by Murray or O'Hara, who is equally good. Walters is the only part of this I found a bit irritating. Mohr is alright.

If you're not expecting too much and are in for an ultimately mediocre hour and a half, you could do worse.

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