Speech & Debate


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 1376

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Logan Shroyer as Hot Debater
Anna Margaret as Casey Thronburn
Austin P. McKenzie as Howie Hawthorne
Jeremy Rowley as Gary Crenshaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vinienair 9 / 10

Pretty awesome show

I really like coming of age movies so I googled for some and stumbled upon this one. The summary really won me over but I wanted to do some investigating before I proceeded to watch it. I got some mixed reviews and was skeptical. However, after watching it, I was blown away. I loved it. Although it wasn't 10/10 for me and I am no movie expert, the way the movie was made and the originality of the characters despite having clichéd labels was on-point. I felt a sense of relief when I finished watching it which is always awesome. So please go and watch it.

Reviewed by molemandavid 6 / 10

Occasionally Entertaining, But Empty Teen Film

Speech & Debate seems like it wants to go for the jugular and say something profound about small town teen life, but every time it gets close, it chickens out and settles for dull clichés.

The cast certainly seems game. Our three teen leads are appealing, charming, and a joy to watch, but the pedestrian script doesn't do them any favors. It wants to have something to say about gay issues, teen pregnancy, pedophilia, religion, detached parents, and overly moralistic school boards, but it never digs into one of them below the surface and the whole film becomes sort of like a light episode of Glee.

This is not to say that Speech & Debate is without amusing moments, but the laughs aren't big enough to function as a comedy and the drama isn't real or powerful enough to function as a drama. Speech & Debate just sort of...is. In its goal to be inoffensive, light, and watchable for all audiences, it no longer has any bite.

This is a Netflix pick at best.

Reviewed by mohdshafiulhaque 6 / 10

Teenage confusions and issues

Over all, the movie, directed by Dan Harris and featuring name actors like Kal Penn and Janeane Garofalo in small roles, has a focus problem that leaves its humorous moments obscured and its intentions hazy. Based on a 2008 off-Broadway play, this movie seems determined to cover every issue of concern for teenagers under the sun, and then some. Adult hypocrisy, teachers who are sexual predators, fuddy-duddy school boards, homophobia, internet hate and humiliation, bullying, teen pregnancy, underage drinking, freedom of speech, the difficulties in being a gay teenager new to a small town -- these are all addressed. While these characters are not saints -- they binge-drink and get sloppily drunk, talk of having unprotected sex, and have anonymous sex with adults in a nearby park -- they are also shown to be works in progress who find ways to stay true to themselves and to learn from their mistakes, despite the double-standards of the adults and the snubs from their peers.

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