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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by badbarista 10 / 10

Anarchy + Love Equality + Blood and Gore= Spidarlings

After 6 years in the making, Salem Kapsaski has finally been able to see his vision come to fruition, and it's been worth the wait! This punk rock LGBTQ horror musical has been the refreshing jaunt I've been yearning for in the horror genre. From the vibrant use of colors, musical numbers you'll be singing to yourself long after the movie is over, hottest spider sex scene you'll ever see, to the graphic kill scenes that will make you celibate! Even Uncle Lloyd puts the Troma stamp of approval on it! I can't wait to see more from Apres Vague Productions!

Reviewed by johnny-motley 9 / 10

Fun Film on a Low Indie Budget!!!

This film is pretty funny. It's Low Budget and got a Troma Release online, I understand. It's British and has Animation between scenes, which looked Impressive. The acting is what I expected, but I enjoyed Spidarlings!

Salem Kapsaski is clever young film-maker with a Humorous Vision for film. The two lead females were adorable in Sophie Disgrace and Rahel Kapsaski as two lovers who must try and pay their Rent to their inpatient Landlord.

It manages to stick a few fingers up too, to the Mainstream and is a Punk-Rock Alternative Musical in itself.

P.s:- lloyd Kaufman also makes a cameo - the Troma President. It's a Fun film on a Low Indie Budget, set in the UK! Check it out! It's also a Campy Musical Cult Film.

Reviewed by troma_freek 10 / 10

Rocky Horror for the new millennium

A bizarre punk rock fairy tale filled with catchy songs, great one liners and a twisted sense of humour that packs a punch, makes a statement and entertains along the way. Eden and Matilda are a lesbian punk couple living in Essex, they are two years behind with their rent and their landlord is losing his patience. To get out of their dire situation Matilda starts working in a night club in Soho called "Juicy girls" were all the girls slowly fall prey to a serial killer. Eventually the couple come across some money but instead of paying their rent they buy a pet tarantula which results in even more problems and leads to a bloody body horror finale. Spidarlings is anarchic Troma cabaret with acid fuelled animation sequences that is progressive and gender inclusive while still cleverly pocking fun at pc culture. Loved this movie! A real gem.

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