Spirit Halloween


Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 137

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Christopher Lloyd as Alex Windsor
Marla Gibbs as Grandma G
Brad Carter as Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by legobuilderpro 4 / 10

Halloween store

I do not know how the Spirit Halloween store got a movie, but now we have Spirit Halloween: The Movie (2022). The main plot to the movie sounds interesting but it is not executed in a clever way.

The main characters are standard, and the acting is not that great. Christopher Lloyd is not in the movie that much and I do not know why he is in this movie; it feels weirdly random.

The animatronics that come alive sometimes look creepy, but you can tell they are people in suits. The animatronics are barely in the movie and when the animatronics are chasing after them once in the movie, they are not used again which is a waste it is supposed to focus on this part of the story.

There are some damaging effects and there are scenes that were funny and not scary. I would have wanted more out of this plot and more of an explanation on what is happening.

I do not think I would recommend watching this. If you do the movie is short and I would hope you could find anything that would be entertaining or worth watching. I guess you can watch it for the plot, but you will not get much out of it.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie (2022) had an interesting idea that could be entertaining, but it was standard and wasted potential. The acting, less use of the possessed animatronics, and the execution of the plot is what brought this movie down for me.

Reviewed by brookie1792 6 / 10

It was a good background movie

I think grown adults forget it is a show for KIDS, probably around 9 and up. That being said it was a good background movie. I had it playing while I was getting some things done. It wasn't something to write home about but good nonetheless. I even paid full attention a few times and liked making connections. Though I wished we saw more of what was being connected. I wouldn't mind seeing the history of that. The acting was so/so but I expect nothing less from a movie like this. This isn't the 90s and early 2000s anymore. Haha.

In the end I am glad I watched it at least once. I love the store and I love the fact that it pops up from no where and then pops up from no where and gets a movie!

Reviewed by saint_brett 5 / 10

Kiddies Stuff

Like Bananarama, I heard a rumor that Doc Emmett Brown is only in this for no more than 4 minutes yet he is billed as the star of the movie.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this movie starts out looking like 'Driving Miss Daisy,' 'The Color Purple,' or 'Mississippi Burning.' Anyone remember Doogie Howser washing Oda Mae Brown's feet in 'The Colour Purple?' Doc Emmett Brown's looking more like that "you rang" servant today, or Peter Boyle.

Three 'Cobra Kai' rejects, who didn't make the cut, ride around the lovely suburb of Derry like ET gang member wannabes. Lovely PG-13 town in the upper parts of Derry. So lush with Fall highlighting its innocence.

Wait a second, is this movie one big promotional tool for Spirit Halloween stores across the US? Let's not forget that 'Mac and Me' pulled this same stunt for McDonald's promotions.

And since Hollywood makes films for the Chinese market today first and foremost, might I point out that 99.9% of all the stuff sold in Spirit Halloween is made in China.

A cheap ploy at the 13:56-minute mark sees the movie steal a 'Halloween 2' moment. Borrowing from other movies, are we?

Is that Laney Bogg's? Looking a little like Queen Amidala today, lady.

This leafy town reminds me of an artists impression of what, and how, a law abiding neighborhood should look like, but I'm hearing Ice T saying, "Unfortunately, I'm from South Central Los Angeles and stuff ain't like that." If life was only so picket fence like this fairytale suburb in the lush parts of Pleasantville.

This kid looks like Will Weaton. He hangs around two other dudes. One has repeated the 6th grade two times. The other is a karate kid wannabe.

Seems this movie has been influenced by a spate of recent YouTuber's lately who locked themselves in department stores and filmed their shenanigans, as these three have smuggled themselves in the Spirit Halloween store after closing time and have the run of the mill to do as they please.

This is just kid's stuff. It's not for me. It would have been better if it was R-rated.

There's a homage to 'Terminator' in one scene as Doc Emmett Brown becomes a plush toy but the bear's no Cougie from Elk High.

Movie's harmless fun but certain scenes are a little dark for the under 7's.

Doc Emmett Brown is struck dead at the start and returns in spirit form as a little blue starfish floating around in need of a body similar to 'Chucky.' The writing's a bit stale at times and the acting is blue molded and crumbly as well.

There are spookier episodes of 'Goosebumps' than this movie and why include this silly drill rap nonsense at the end credits? Play some spooky Halloween tunes, not this rap stuff. It's like pouring vinegar on ice cream - they don't go together.

Movie won't win any awards, but the 7 to 14 year olds will most likely love it.

Harmless Halloween stuff for kids only.

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