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Ryan Reynolds as Clint Briggs
Will Ferrell as Present
Rose Byrne as Ms. Blansky
Judi Dench as Dame Judi Dench
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jana-838-405640 10 / 10

A Delightful Feel-Good Movie!

I see a ton of movies, and it has been ages since I've heard so much laughter and applause in a movie theater. I attended a screening of Spirited during Regal's Mystery Movie Monday, where no one in the audience knows what they're seeing until the movie actually starts. I had never heard of Spirited before I saw it and had zero expectations. No spoilers, but I will tell you that the entire audience applauded when the movie ended, then stayed for the previews and applauded again when the previews were over. There was not one person in the crowded theater who was not smiling as they left. Spirited is a happy movie starring beautiful, talented actors. The singing is fun. The dancing is phenomenal. The costuming is clever. The story is funny, thoughtful, and precious-in-a-good-way. What's not to love? I only wish it had opened in more theaters so I could see it again on the big screen, but I can guarantee I will be watching it multiple times on AppleTV+. We'll done, Apple!

Reviewed by UniqueParticle 9 / 10

Got to see this as Monday mystery movie even with a couple hours sleep it was a pleasantly joyful film!

Not sure why they didn't allow reviews till today but I'm delighted to be one of the first. I'll put it out though musicals are my least favorite genre and Spirited is one of the best ones I've seen; I usually can't stand the sudden singing in most cases yet this was so much fun and the story was spectacular fun! This was even better in RPX I was surprised how packed the audience I guess people like the mystery movies they are defiantly worth it. Sean Anders comedies are always great entertainment, the humor is spot on, cast is magnificent, and the special effects are impressive. Spirited was a great way to celebrate Christmas early I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Matt-Canalcon 6 / 10

Overwhelming, but a fun Christmas movie

You hope for a Christmas movie to warm your heart like a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows by the fireplace on a cold December night, but Spirited was more like entering the mall and hearing a Mariah Carey Christmas song for the 20th time of the season, so that's not so bad.

Will Ferrell & Ryan Reynolds' chemistry is what elevates it above average despite the lively & colorful musical numbers this felt slightly overdone & overcooked. At the end of the day, it made me laugh and made me feel happy. A fun modern twist on the classic story.

Another big positive is the music, for fans of musicals there is a lot to unpack here and surprisingly both Ferrell & Reynolds can hold their own singing and dancing. So I'm not going to be a Grinch here and say I didn't like it, because I did. It's just... a bit much at times.


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