Spirits in the Dark


Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 74

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andre266929 7 / 10

Eerie movie

I liked the story, the eerie cinematography, and the ending, and the director does a good job immersing his audience in the creepiness of the film. Well done!

Reviewed by berg-74532 6 / 10

Something about the lead.

I love the fact that the writer/director/star doesn't look like your typical lead in movies today. I sat here watching this and knowing that I've seen that face and heard the distinctive accent and even though I was not sure when or what movie it was from but I had a feeling that what ever it was I enjoyed it. I didn't want to pull out IMDb during this movie so I waited. I enjoyed this and while I to think it was a little to long I can't fault the people who made it as any shorter it wouldn't be long enough to be feature length. But the understated nature of the film builds the creepy feeling. If you like creepy more than scary this will work for you and if you like horror without gore this is your movie as well. Look for the other film from this writer/director/lead it's called Moth and it's from 2016. It is Mothman but has little to nothing to do with Mothman of WV. That to is a well crafted story with fine acting and it was far better than I anticipated.

Reviewed by jeanxgrey 6 / 10

Haunting and worth a watch, yet it overstays its welcome

Brilliant cinematography, great atmosphere, but sometimes it feels too long despite being only 70 minutes including credits. Not exactly a horror, but rather a dramatic ghost story with average acting and a nice twist.

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