2020 [KOREAN]

Action / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10


It's more flying or hopping rather than "walking", although there is a lot of walking in the movie too (outside of driving and car chases that is). And then there is fighting, either with guns or hand to hand combat. But I got ahead of myself ... a lot.

If like me you have discovered Korean action and thriller cinema (either a long time ago or because Parasite gave you a reason too), I do not have to convince you. Actually the movie itself is more than able to convince you - with more than a tight plot and story, that has as many twists and turns as one can imagine. I would wish that the main character would be a bit more charismatic and I know you can fault the movie on certain details too, but not on how it is thought through (convenient timings and other stuff aside too).

Great action, amazing cinematography and a sound design that is as subtle as it is genius. Another winner - even if won't be another Oscar (winner)

Reviewed by alain-kapel5 7 / 10

Entertaining thriller with a sci-fi twist

A solid action thriller about a man who wakes up after an accident to find out he's not the person he used to be. To make matters worse, it turns out he'll "transform" into someone else every 12 hours.

The sci-fi gimmick is mostly used for a Bourne-style recipe; for every bit of mystery that the protagonist manages to clarify we get a round of fistfights, chases or shootouts. I wish that the film did more with its concept but it still manages to entertain throughout its runtime. There's almost no need to highlight the film's cinematography as it is as polished as we've come to expect from Korean thrillers. The last action scene is obviously heavily inspired by John Wick, but that doesn't take away from its intensity and well-done choreography.

Recommended for fans of high-concept Korean thrillers; however, they might need to lower their expectations a bit since this isn't really a top-tier pick in the genre.

Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine 8 / 10

Hollywood Level Action Out of South Korea

SPIRITWALKER is a complex thriller from the first moment the film begins. We are dropped in the midst of a story where every twelve (12) hours it seems our main character's essence is somehow transferred into a new body. His memories seem to be retained from the start of the film, but not prior to the car crash that opens the film. He does not know who he is and how he got into this situation. What he does know is that there are dangerous people trying to kill him; criminals and, possibly, intelligence agents. He just needs to reconstruct the puzzle pieces to find out why?

Director Yoon Jae-keun (Heartbeat), along with award-winning martial arts choreographers Park Young-sik and Chung Seong-Ho (SAG Awards, Best Stunt Ensemble, "Squid Game"), bring to life the action-packed thriller

While the movie is complex it is not confusing. The complexity is not superfluous. It is part of what makes it interesting. As each change occurs the layers of the onion are peeled back and we learn a little more information towards solving this riddle. Is Yoon Kye-sang's character crazy? Is there a supernatural explanation? The film converges in an exciting climax.

Yoon Kye-sang, a former K-pop singer, is very good in the lead role. So is the supporting cast, which includes Park Yong-Woo (Nailed), Lim Ji-Yeon (Obsessed, High Society) and Park Ji-Hwan (The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure). They all do a good job of making you feel that the lead character's personage does change, even though Yoon Kye-sang, essentially, plays all of the characters in the transference.

This is a psychological thriller but it is also an action film. It has its share of well choreographed and realistic fight sequences. The climactic fight scene is riveting and fun to watch. This is top notch martial arts and action choreography. The action is engaging. This movie has a lot going for it.

This film has many of the underlying themes that are prevalent in South Korean Cinema. It is also a high quality film that rivals anything Hollywood has produced.

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