Spoiled Brats

2021 [FRENCH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patrickfilbeck 1 / 10

A truth-distorting insult to reality and an affront to working people

I was very reluctant to see this insult to the intellect in the sneak in a cinema in Germany. This film is a remake and I have to admit I haven't seen the original. But I will refrain from doing that, because the basic plot of this film - and the original is also based on it - is just a nasty and untrue insult to the intellect of the working man / woman.

The film is about the spoiled children of a multimillionaire (possibly even a billionaire) with property in Monaco, dozens of cars, pools, jewelry and other abundance and the relationship that this man has with his children. The former poor bricklayer (yeah, exactly, from bricklayer to billionaire ...) wants his children to recognize what hard work is because he is disappointed in the three characters in their characters. One is a fat idiot who only comes up with stupid ideas and thinks he can make money with them, the other brother is a rich hippie who sleeps with a thousand women, has flowing curls and constantly gossips about nature without saying anything about her understand, and the sister is a spoiled, self-portraying Instagram woman who gets upset about the employees in expensive but cheap clothes and whose only obvious interest is her body and appearance.

After a lot of nonsense has come together from all three, he collapses in order to later have the crazy idea of a reform for his children in the hospital bed. In this way he arranges the illusion of a company fraud, a subsequent police raid, frozen accounts and the joint escape to Marseilles. There he wants to bring the children to work through the absence of his wealth. The fat man then drives a bicycle taxi, the daughter becomes a waitress in a proletarian fish restaurant and the hippie helps his father renovate his house in the city. This property from the early proletarian times of his youth is by no means typical of proletarian life in the city, but the direction, script and production imagined this illusion. Of course, all three get jobs or find employment - and although they are all not good at it at the beginning and their spoiled streak flashes through - beware! - the siblings get used to it very quickly. Then you make friends with your ghetto colleague, who also drives a bicycle taxi, you drink shots with your proletarian colleagues, or you find a relationship with manual labor, far from being a detached hippie. Yeah yeah Then it takes his 2 or 3 months and the father feels really cool and notices that his experiment is working, while evil shadows are already lurking in the background. He finds out very sensitively what the poor rich kids have suffered when their father ripped off the millions and couldn't be there for them. Anorexia for the daughter, a stomach ailment for the fat one and - beware of the creative side - drugs for the hippie. All core problems of the suffering upper class, which you sooo seldom find when you look in the working class suburbs. No, no girls are driven into a bad body feeling and finally into anorexia by rich Instagrammers who shop at Gucci every day, because - please! - these are exclusive problems of the unfortunate rich. Then you worked it off in relation to the script. Because poor, rich, mega-rich, what the heck! We're all human, folks! And we all have problems, both up there and down there - completely the same, just not in the relationship between income and effort. Then the father is discovered by his daughter's fiancé, who was betrayed by marriage, during his deception and - just so that the film can go on for another 20 minutes - he agrees to pretend that this fiancé has just saved the family and the company.

Then they all return to their rich life, none of them have learned anything, but of course the unwanted wedding is still on the way and that - surprise! - Quite coincidentally, on the day when the head of the family also decides that he wants to tell his children the truth about the trick of improving behavior (which, as is well known, did not work). The wedding is then called off with a slap in the face, but the happy ending, people, oh, the happy ending, that is still a long time coming. A full 8 minutes when it comes up. Because of course they are all disappointed in their father when he reveals to them what character traits of his children were the motivation for this trick. Then all of them - mimimi - never want to see him again. Really! Never again!

Cut ... 9 months later. The children live in the property in Marseilles and live their proletarian life there. The daughter has gone from being a waitress to a restaurant owner, the hippie has his own plumber / housewife traffic company and the fat man and his ghetto friend have built a sneaker brand and their own sales department. Yep, realistic and very proletarian ... or rather aristocratic family teaching and entrepreneurial blood is in the blood of the millionaire bricklayer children ??? Yeah, yeah, the stupid real waitresses and the stupid other bicycle taxi drivers and the other stupid hippie plumbers are all too mindless and stupid for that. Then they live in their common house and suddenly they all get along really well. The father comes by with flowers and after a few sad looks and faking the final farewell they pull themselves together to see a father in the last scene who proudly admires his children while smoking cigarettes. Because they can really do something. They haven't learned anything, they haven't reflected and they haven't had a real experience of poverty and hard work either, but hey, what does it matter if you want to show a film that, besides a thousand anti-socialities, has absolutely no consistency in itself claimed. Wow, really, wow.

In addition, numerous small mendacious things are told about reality that are really freaking out. This film is nothing but a cementing of the class relations, a pitying affliction of the upper class and a blow in the pit of the stomach of every worker and every employee.

All those involved here have put themselves to shame with this film and expressed their lack of respect and understanding for and for the concerns of the less well-heeled.

Definitely one of the worst films of all time, but definitely also one of the most anti-social. But in a world that prefers to deal with woken nonsense and insult He-Man fans, create Mary-Sues and steal continuity and established history from every second superhero because of a thousand new sexualities, it's no wonder that "cultural high society" is blind is for the needs of the decent working people on this planet.

Oh yes: what about the genre? Comedy? You just laugh out of desperation at the ridiculously arrogant and self-indulgent attitude of those responsible for it. Otherwise, the comedy interludes are either stolen, processed, poorly presented and embarrassing.

Avoid this film, or if you want to do it to yourself, then don't be afraid to tell those responsible that they are creating nothing more than a masterpiece of the outrageous and anti-social.

0 out of 10 points. Greetings from Germany, thanks for reading.

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