Spring 1941


Drama / War

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Neve McIntosh as Young Clara Planck
Clare Higgins as Clara Planck
Joseph Fiennes as Artur Planck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kcv47811 8 / 10

Very strong message

I have seen many World War II documentaries and movies. Even more on the German caused Holocaust. Although this isn't focused on concentration camps like most of them are, this for some reason depicted the Jewish pain better than most.

Reviewed by Nozz 9 / 10

It's all fine, although it's partly like a filmed stageplay

The filmmakers went to the trouble of shooting much of this movie in Poland, and maybe they benefited from something invisible in the atmosphere but there is rather little happening outdoors in the movie and I couldn't have told whether it was shot in Poland or in Poughkeepsie. Because so much of the film occurs in the small space of a peasant's hut, you could mistake it for a stage play with a few cinematic scenes tacked on. And the screenwriter, Motti Lerner, does in fact write mostly for the stage. It could be that audiences were surprised by the relative weight of the indoor part of the story, where everything depends on the interaction of the actors and their movement in a space no bigger than a stage; and by the relative weight of the interplay between the characters living in fear of the Nazis, as opposed to actual encounters with the Nazis themselves. But if you accept that the emphasis lies where it does, then you'll certainly be glad that for once Uri Barbash directed a script by an independently successful playwright rather than by his brother Benny (no offense intended). The actors do a great job of selling the story, and the script does a great job of showing a human dilemma of conflicting priorities with life and death at stake.

Reviewed by paul-rose7-246-61823 7 / 10

Heart rendering drama

A very well acted emotional story illustrating the atrocities of the Germans in WWII. I found some of the scenes very disturbing though thought provoking as to what depths the human race can sink to. Films like this must be made to capture new generations who far too often are ignorant of history or have history glossed over to maintain current day international relations and sensitivities.

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