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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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John Cleese as The Guv - Mr. Edly
Tanit Phoenix as Eve - Mrs. Wilson
Troye Sivan as John 'Spud' Milton
Jason Cope as Sparerib - Mr. Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Triton_460 3 / 10



The crazy eight is a bully group at the beginning of the movie. They picked on Gecko and later Spud. Gecko even calls the school hell. When Spud visits Gecko in hospital Gecko tells him that he shouldn't listen to Rambo and try to impress him.

After awhile we see Spud preparing for the Oliver Twist. I was actually proud of him when he put on the wig because that was the sign that he doesn't care what the crazy eight thinks. (they were picking on him that he looks like a sheep with the wig). When he is invited to come out on the stage he TAKES OFF HIS WIG!

For all three movies I have been hoping that he will confront the crazy eight. I couldn't enjoy their adventures having on my mind what they had done to Gecko.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 8 / 10

Pleasant, if predictable. Excellent performances.

"Spud" is a pleasant coming of age comedy with stellar performances by Sivan and Royal. John Cleese delivers what is possibly his career best performance in a dramatic role. Other performances are generally solid, particularly Cope and Kriek.

The plot is familiar and often predictable; however, the execution is so organic that one seldom feels aware that one seldom feels conscious of viewing a film, even during the frequent voice-overs.

There are a number of unique elements to the story that seem largely squandered. The story is set in South Africa, but could just as easily have been set in Britain, Canada, Australia or a number of other locations. It occurs during a turbulent period in the country's history, but the school is isolated from political events. Spud attends a posh private school on a full scholarship, but while he is bullied, he's never bullied over his modest background. He reads "A Tale of Two Cities" and performs in "Oliver Twist," but there is no effort to draw any parallels with the country's political events or Spud's circumstances. While the film seems predictable in many respects, one expects various elements to be more fully developed and to have a greater impact on the story.

Various subplots converge at the climax in manners that are not unexpected, but don't seem entirely earned. Spud is given an option that doesn't seem earned and The Guv's situation changes abruptly in a manner that doesn't seem the logical and necessary progression of prior events. The climax might have been more fulfilling if the characters had done more to earn the outcomes.

Production values are adequate. The pace is a little slow at times. There is one scene with Spud reading in the foreground while minor events occur in the background that serves to remind the viewer that the filmmakers don't do much with the background in most shots.

Overall, it's a pleasantly entertaining film that could have done much more with some of the unique elements in the story.

Reviewed by caroldiego 10 / 10

magnificent literature

OK, I haven't seen the movie yet - heck, I'm only about 2/3 of the way through the book - but I just want to let the SA reviewers know that if the book is any indication, stop worrying about whether international viewers/readers will get it.

All the descriptors and comparisons - coming-of-age, Catch-22, Lord of the Flies - are inadequate. Spud transcends any comparison to become its own unique moment in world history and personal history. It's not only young John Milton's maturing to manhood, but the entire nation's maturing out of apartheid that we see played out here in subtle, powerful parallel.

It's a magnificent, universal story that rings with truth, and I am so very happy my friend Sue, in Cape Town, recommended it.

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