Squared Love

2021 [POLISH]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5 10 307

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yasin-99896 10 / 10

Freshness, beautiful feelings, a unique scenario.

I wanted to see a comedy movie and I came across this movie. Reading reviews I was a little sad because most of them are very critical and practically destroy the film. However, seeing the trailer, I decided to watch this movie anyway and I did well. It is true it is an easy film, it is not with who knows what depths, suspense or riddles. But how deep are the comedies? The comedy genre is based on a funny situation, and this film focuses on such a situation and a frothy dialogue and the film has many clever and funny lines. In addition, it is an airy, clean film, it exudes a certain purity, candor, tenderness, it talks about beautiful feelings and leaves you in a good mood! The actors are young and beautiful, the frames are elegant and vivid, everything takes place in a note of optimism or we need to charge with optimism. It may not be a top ten film, but it is certainly a much better comedy than many other American comedies, and I gave it ten to balance the scales, precisely because many discredited it for no reason, giving it undeserved low marks.

Reviewed by uros-06922 8 / 10

Beautiful Family Movie

Amazing movie.One of this movies where after watching you feel happy.Nice start of 2021. :D

Reviewed by stutiphotography 1 / 10

Worrrrrrst storyline

They think audience is stupid. Netflix seems to have degraded its standards heavily.

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