Stage Fright


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by capkronos 3 / 10

Bloody, sexed-up and poorly made Aussie slasher flick.

Jenny Neumann (from the sexploitation flick MISTRESS OF THE APES, the American slasher HELL NIGHT and others) is Helen Selleck, an American actress who gets a lead role in an Australian stage production. She's a virgin because as a little girl she saw her mom having sex and then accidentally caused the car accident that killed her. Meanwhile, a black-gloved killer prowls around the theater slashing up people with shards of glass.


The killer is obviously Helen (she speaks in her dead mother's voice, washes blood off her hands after the murders and is seen killing a child molester with a broken bottle as a little girl!), but this has gratuitous heavy-breathing POV camera-work and conceals the identity of the murderer until the very end like it's supposed to be some big surprise.

The entire cast seems obsessed with talking about, having or trying to have sex, and, in one case, even blackmailing their way into getting laid. There's quite a bit of nudity and blood, but there's no sense of continuity, the photography is murky and the editing (by Colin Eggleston, who also scripted and produced) is terrible. The theater setting for a slasher film predates Soavi's film of the same name and Argento's OPERA (both of which are better than this one ) by five years though, and Neumann is pretty hot.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 6 / 10

Watchable Australian psycho slasher.

Young Cathy accidentally kills her mother,who is making out with a man in the passenger seat of a car.Believing the man is hurting her mother,Cathy starts hitting him and her mother crashes the car sending her through the windshield.When an orderly tries to molest her,Cathy slashes his face with a broken glass.Years later Helen(Jenny Neumann of "Hell Night" fame)is an aspiring American actress auditioning for a Victorian comic play about death made by sarcastic director George.Soon a black gloved sex-hating killer wielding shards of glass starts killing members of theatrical play.Sleazy Australian slasher with lots of POV shots and fairly brutal glass slashings.The identity of the killer is blatantly obvious and there is a bit of graphic nudity.If you are a fan of "Flesh and the Blood Show","Theatre of Blood","Deliria" and "Opera" you may give this one a look.6 out of 10.

Reviewed by juliamacon 5 / 10

We Know "Whodunit"

Nightmares (or Stage Fright as it's known in some territories) has a lot going for it - moody cinematography, some sleaze, the potential for backstage theatrical drama, a little light satire, and some gore, but it squanders all of it because it has no idea what it wants to be.

A young actress named Helen who accidentally killed her adulterous mother in a car crash as a child wins a role in a major play and someone starts to killer her co-stars and co-workers with pieces of broken glass (just like how mom died!) Who could it be?

Well, frankly, it's blatantly obvious that it's Helen and the movie never even tries to disguise it for a second, which leaves the film feeling really hollow and sort of boring. They like to play it off as a mystery by just showing her hands and feet during the murder sequences, but they're not fooling us for a second. It also doesn't help that, psycho killer stuff aside, Helen is a pretty awful person. She flies off the handle at the drop of a hat and yells at her roommate and co-stars constantly. Are we supposed to feel for this shrew? She's awful! I assume we're supposed to root for her since none of her co-stars are given any sort of character development and most of them don't even seem to have names.

Most of Nightmares is so over the top that I assumed it was meant to be some sort of parody or satire of Hitchcock, De Palma, and the slasher genre of the time. Scenes of Helen flying off the handle and being slapped by her co-stars or scenes with her running to her room and having a shouting match with herself as her hapless boyfriend listens in horror are hysterically funny, but I can't tell if they were intentional or not. Certainly, the scenes involving the cruel play's director and the even crueler theatre critic are meant to be comic, but seem to exist as leftovers from a far better, more interesting film where everyone is in on the joke. Maybe Nightmares should have embraced the satirical nature of the story and gone wild with them.

As is, Nightmares is a torrent of missed opportunities and "what if"s. There are both a decent slasher/giallo and a satirical dark comedy in here fighting for screen time.

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