Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge



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Eric Roberts as Dr. Albert Beck
Deborah Zoe as Adrienne Green
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 5 / 10

Unusually Typical

How did Eric Roberts find time to do that stupid musical number? IMDB says he has 514 credits! I really liked him as the star and his conversations with his conscience. His first fantasy in the classroom was quite nice. It reminded me of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. The scissor scene was extremely effective. Fair plot twists. I was happy with that. An alternate title should have been Have Syringe, Will Travel. A couple of movie rules were followed perfectly. Movie rule number 6: No matter how beat up you get, you'll recover instantly. In this case, he gets hit with a frying pan and then pistol whipped by a shotgun three times and is fine. Movie rule number 11: Always turn your back on the bad guy when you make a phone call. Overall entertaining despite its stupidness.

Reviewed by NoNYRFan 3 / 10


I can't believe this movie ended the same way the previous 2 did. I guess I was hoping for a conclusion and see him get his just rewards but it seems the producers want to see how far they can go with this ridiculous character before the viewers finally decide that enough is enough and stop watching. And Eric Roberts is creepy, too.

Reviewed by bhetommy 8 / 10


This is as funny as Sharknado! This musical number is funny enough to carry the whole movie. DO NOT take this movie seriously, just let go, and let the stupidity flow into you like a bad street drug. Eric Roberts, you are a genius!

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