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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnnmilw 3 / 10

Aussie trash cinema at its finest

Christ this movie is so pointless and insignificant. The characters have no imaginable purpose other than to play out some fake psycho-therapy session for voyeurs to watch. The woman does her best to portray victim/inquisitor. The man, dead-pan and incredibly dull as the antagonist, makes a horrible villain to build a movie around. There isn't any character development. We begin with a mature, friendly, sexy nurse doing her job. We dive into a scene where this woman becomes a vengeful vamp with the villain who, to me, is physically repulsive, and in the end, nothing, absolutely nothing, has been learned, shared, resolved, explored, nor do we have any new insight into who these characters are and why they are here. What is the point? What is the motivation? Oh that's right! Thanks to porn, maybe videoing a milf can make you some money. Who needs a concept?

Reviewed by niaz_islam 2 / 10

Time Loss

The movie is a waste of time. It states that this movie is of Comedy, Romance, Thriller genre. But there is no evidence of these element throughout the movie.

This movie is about stalking though they failed it to depict this matter throughout the movie. It is a story about two disturbed human being. They do things that makes no sense at all. Sometimes it is a good thing for a movie but not for this movie. There is no real suspense or good kind of madness that anyone could enjoy. It was kind of boring to watch this film.

So I think it will be total waste of your time and money to watch this film. Don't be like me because I watched it and it was a complete waste of time.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

We don't tick to the same clock as everyone else

Emily (Kaarin Fairfax) is a friendly middle aged nurse at the town hospital. While she is slightly past her prime, she is still desirable as she wears a silver ball around her neck. After seeing a glimpse of her, we see she is the "victim" of a home envision by Jack (John Jarratt) who works at the pharmacy. Jack runs into a taser and finds himself tied up as the battle of the sexes mind games ensue.

The film is a dark comedy, light on humor. The dialogue gets bogged down in a trade of insults between men and women that are beneath the characters. The film also wanders off into imagination where there are delusions of violence to hold our interest.

It doesn't have the intensity of "Extremities" or "Misery." Guide: F-word. Sex talk. No nudity.

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