Starchaser: The Legend of Orin


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Reviewed by faisal_khan 10 / 10

Lovingly crafted from the finest sources, you can't help but cheer them on!

I first saw Starchaser in 3D back in 1985 and for someone who grew up on the Star Wars trilogy I was hooked for life. A beautiful, heady mix of science-fiction, fantasy and all out action laced with humour, a little violence and excellent set-pieces Starchaser is lovingly assembled from the finest sources and has more love for it's source than the three prequels helmed by Lucas have shown. The story is straightforward: thousands of slaves mine crystals for robot overseers believing this to be the will of their God, Zygon. A young slave named Orin (superbly voiced by Joe Colligan) finds a glowing sword hilt buried in the mines that tells him of the forbidden world above and in an attempt to break free is taken under wing of surly smuggler Dagg Dibrimi.

Taking it's influence from Star Wars, whispering it's name with reverent pride, layering it with images and influences as diverse as Moebius, the cartoons of René Laloux and Ralph Bakshi's Wizards it's hard not to like this movie. It's well-animated, beautifully shot and surprisingly well written which is all the more remarkable given that it's an animated feature.

In almost any combination this would have been a lacklustre, disappointing affair along the lines of Titan A.E but under the direction of Steven Hahn it's becomes something much more special. Look at the credits and you'll see cast and crew steeped in sci-fi: Stargate: SG1's Carmen Argenziano as Dagg Dibrimi, Han Solo with the attitude of J.Jonah Jameson; Masters of the Universe star Anthony DeLongis' providing the silver-tongued menace of Zygon in the vein of an early Vincent Price are the two voice highlights among a near perfect cast. More sci-fi stars are found in the background, ranging from the voice stars of Transformers and DS9 to story-boarder Boyd Kirkland, who would later go onto direct Batman: The Animated Series' greatest episode 'The Grey Ghost'. Even after 20 years Belling's music holds up remarkably well, as much an integral character of the film as Les Tremayne's marvellously cowardly ship's computer. It kicks in at all the right places, has good strong recognisable themes for the main stars and above all doesn't overpower the movie or sound like one of John William's increasingly derivative scores. And unlike many animated features it doesn't feel the need to bolster the score with some contemporary rock or pop tracks, preferring a well-crafted mix of orchestral and synthesized soundtrack.

Watched 20 years on it's still as enjoyable. It doesn't run on for too long, still has that pleasing if eccentric aesthetic style prevalent throughout the film and above all is fun. It has a story to tell, does it with style and above all manages to make you care for the characters which is a rare enough thing in a live-action movie, and for an 80's animated feature something very much to be proud of.

Starchaser hasn't been commercially available for years aside from a VHS release some 15 or 16 years back but it has a strong and loyal fan base who'll welcome the fact it's finally been released my MGM on DVD. As an animated feature it still has a certain charm two decades on even without the 3D but where it really holds it's own is it's love for Star Wars. Anybody who felt disappointed by the three prequels and prefers the honest, simple storytelling style of the original will enjoy Starchaser.

Reviewed by ReviloTwist 7 / 10

The Rip-Off From Heaven

I should start by saying that this movie-length cartoon was a clear rip-off of the Star Wars Trilogy. The concept is very much the same, the plot follows a similar chain of events (although there are some interesting ideas added along the way) and many of the characters are no more than distorted mirror-images of their Star-Wars counterparts.

For example, the hero, Orin is more a innocent and stupid version of Luke Skywalker (although he surprisingly more entertaining to watch than Mark Hamil's wooden acting). He is assisted in his quest to defeat the evil dark lord Zygon by Dann, the intergalactic smuggler - a cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed Han-Solo who's romantic interest is a female droid (don't even begin to question the logic behind this lustful relationship). Also joining the cast is your average politically-inclined and astonishingly beautiful princess, an evil dark lord, desert-based gangster, endless waves of masked foot-soldiers, the ghost of an old man and an annoying wise-mouthed robotic ship who is obviously depressed about being no more than a machine (although he does make one good point - "After all, you're nothing but a machine made of flesh and blood. How would you like it if I went around calling you meat-brain?").

As B-gradish as it sounds, this animated feature has an astounding cinematic feel and many of the stylings of a blockbuster movie. Decent dialogue, exciting chases, huge battles and some very entertaining adult-orientated humor. The plot, whilst clearly Star-Wars inspired, moves with a satisfying sense of grandeur. The music suits the action, with numbers that John Williams himself could have composed. Some of the ideas in this film are admirable - kind of making you wish that George Lucas had included them in his opus - and as the tale develops, you get the sense of a complicated and interesting universe unfolding.

It's a shame that this film has faded into obscurity, obviously due to it's similarities to Star Wars. Despite it's clone-syndrome, I felt that this was a great film to watch, especially as a kid - when cynicism was a foreign word to me. It inspired my youthful imagination. That's why I give it a 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by ferrarimatt 10 / 10

Good call on the childhood memory

Man I was exactly the same. I seen this movie when i was a kid. I couldn't remember the name . only images. I wasn't sure myself if it existed. Anyways when the net started gaining popularity in 96-97 i tried everything to find this movie, after a few months of searching i found it. I remembered the name orin, and searched the name, and the movie popped up. Anyways i found an old school movie store that had totally old cartoons, like He-Man, Thundercats, etc.. and they had tgis movie. I was shocked and i rented it, totally brought back some memories, Great movie, and nostalgic. But tuff as hell to find now that everything is dvds.

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