Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Janis Ahern as Mrs. Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ourmanintokyo 3 / 10

Next time, can you make the pace a little SLOWER?!?

The good: the lead is breathtakingly beautiful. Good actress too. The cinematographiy is very clever and eyecatching. The bad: a "thriller" this ain't. It could be bottled and sold as a sleep aid. I literally fell asleep halfway through.

Reviewed by andrewuna 3 / 10


I don't know why a lot of these low budget productions and independent movies get confused on what genre that they are or what kind of movie that they are.

They sell their movies as an edge of the seat horror movie while most times it has less suspense than a romantic drama. It's actually funny how this movie tries to be unique in its storytelling and art direction but forgetting the most important thing which is to entertain its viewers.

The lead actress Virginia Gardner is in every shot of the movie and did a great job but the movie is basically a boring drama with a few horror moments. The creatures were well designed but they weren't used often enough and weren't as threatening as I expected them to be in the storyline of the movie.

I will put this movie on the list of don't bother to watch. It's boring and lackluster. It would have been more interesting if it was edited to be a 30 minutes short movie rather than a 100 minutes one.

Reviewed by qsmason 1 / 10

Too confusing!

Oh man this was a terrible movie and I can usually find some good qualities in about anything I watch but not this one. It had so much psychological babel and backwardness that it was too hard to keep up with what was real and what was in the main characters mind. I am left not understanding much of what I just watched. Don't waste your time with this stinker.

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