Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land


Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 1006

Keywords:   space shuttle, airplane accident

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Robert Englund as Scott
Lee Majors as Captain Cody Briggs
Terry Kiser as Freddie Barrett

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Unsurprisingly forgotten

A sort of semi-sequel to the AIRPORT franchise, this time around taking the trapped passengers and crew into outer space in a kind of obligatory STAR WARS era kind of way. I'd never heard of STARFLIGHT before watching it, and I'm not surprised, as it's very much a kind of dry and middling kind of movie that lacks the kind of crowd-pleasing spectacle or sustained suspenseful gravitas to make it a real hit with audiences. The set-up is pure cliche and the space scenes over-reliant on creaky FX work, but it has a certain charm of its era, complete with random death and Lee Majors doing his rugged action man bit. No classic, but it whiles away a couple of hours...

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Airport in space

Disaster strikes during the maiden flight of the first hypersonic commercial jet plane. The plane winds up leaving the earth's atmosphere and finds itself adrift in space with both air and time running out.

Director Jerry Jameson relates the enjoyable and engrossing story at a steady pace, maintains an admirably serious and sincere tone throughout, and generates a good deal of tension. Robert Malcolm Young's endearingly kitschy script covers quite a few suitably hokey disaster genre tropes that run the gamut from sappy love triangles to several beat-the-clock risky rescue attempts.

The excellent cast of reliable and dependable faces rates as another major asset: Lee Majors as the rugged Captain Cody Briggs, Hal Linden as worrywart designer Josh Gilliam, Ray Milland as cranky rich guy Q. T. Thornwell, Gail Strickland as the spunky Nancy, Robert Webber as gutsy journalist Felix, George DiCenzo as the coldly pragmatic Bowdish, Terry Kiser as sleazy hustler Freddie Barrett, Tess Harper as the estranged Janet Briggs, Peter Jason as hearty ground crew member Schultie, Pat Corley as the scared Joe Pedowski, Robert Englund as nerdy cameraman Scott, and Jocelyn Brando as the feisty Mrs. Harvey. John Dykstra's special effects hold up pretty well. Lalo Schifrin's spirited score hits the stirring spot, too. A nifty sci-fi disaster thriller.

Reviewed by utgard14 4 / 10

"Kill the burn, Cody. Kill the burn."

Made-for-TV hokum, in the tradition of the fun Airport films, with an "all-star" cast playing the usual group of strangers with soap opera issues who board a fancy new rocket-powered hypersonic plane on its maiden flight. All hell breaks loose and the plane is knocked into space! NASA comes to the rescue. Really dumb and never as much fun as you would hope. It's actually pretty dull, which is unforgivable given the absurd premise that begs to be mocked. Cast includes Lee Majors, Lauren Hutton, Ray Milland, Hal Linden, Tess Harper, Heather McAdam, Terry Kiser, and Phil from Murphy Brown. Robert Englund has a bit part. John Dykstra's special effects are good, particularly by TV standards. That's about the best thing I can say about this. I wish it was more fun.

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