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James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Kurt Russell as Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil
Richard Kind as Gary Meyers, Ph.D.
Djimon Hounsou as Horus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fahnenjoker 7 / 10

Epic, but naïve sci-fi adventure, that is fun, but could have been so much more.

Stargate breathes this lighthearted and naïve 90s blockbuster feeling, an innocent a bit childish attitude you just can't be angry with. It is an original story before everything was a franchise and/or a comic adaption (even though it has kickstarted its own TV-franchise). It felt fresh and original at the time and still does. The visuals, practical and special effects and the cinematography look awesome, convey a monumental scale and have aged quite well. The soundtrack feels epic and unique, perfectly combining an Egyptian vibe with a sci-fi note, a mix of wonder and curiosity with the possible perils that lurk and might find you when you leave for uncharted waters. (Ok, I admit I have a weakness for good soundtracks. They really can, to a certain degree, save a movie for me.)

James Spader and Kurt Russel fit perfectly in their roles as nerdy unworldly linguist and traumatized Colonel. They are mostly clichés, but relatable and even go through small developments throughout the mission. The rest of the expedition group is sadly wasted with the usual mostly nameless soldier stereotypes. Viveca Lindfors is intriguing as scientific leader of the project but sadly only appears in the first third of the movie. Jaye Davidson, finally, gives Ra the androgynous and godlike aura the antagonist needs.

The first 30 or so minutes until we travel through the stargate and arrive on the other side are the best part of the movie. There is suspense around the stargate mystery and curiosity for the unknown it might lead to. In the middle part, however, the plot is treading water a bit and the resolution involves too much of generic action and the old good vs. evil. It feels like the story just doesn't live up to its full potential here. The setup of a gate to the other end of the universe (or who knows where else) promises more wonders and discoveries, than the movie can deliver in the end. That is my biggest issue with the story (I was expecting something more like the video game Outcast, that told a richer story with a similar premise, but was quite obviously inspired by this movie). If you can put that aside, however, then you're in for an enjoyable and simply fun ride, if a little pulpy and trashy.

This is by no means a masterpiece, but a simple, epic sci-fi adventure with an old-school feel to have fun with. It had the potential to be more, but it's difficult not to enjoy it if you don't overthink it too much.

Reviewed by Neonfinity 4 / 10

Stargate needs to be closed

Stargate is a 1994 film directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Kurt Russell, James Spader, and Jaye Davidson. The film is distributed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and produced by Canal+ and Carolco, being labeled as a Sci-Fi Action flick. I've always had this film in mind for movies I wanted to watch, but now since I've seen it, I will document my observations just for you.

Stargate tells the story of an ancient teleportation device found in Egypt in 1928 finally being activated in the present day (of 1994). Daniel Jackson (James Spader) and a team of soldiers led by Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) are the first to go into the portal. On the other side, they find themselves in a similar but otherworldly version of Egypt. There, slaves worship their master Ra (Jaye Davidson), who is the God of the Sun.

The characters in Stargate are Roland Emmerich stereotypes that all started with this film. You got the nerdy guy (James Spader) who figures out how to start or stop the major event in the plot. There is also the hardened military "badass" (Kurt Russell) that should have some charisma, but this film doesn't . Because Russell in any other movie has likability. Here, he has none.

This film disappointed me on plenty of levels. I really like a Egyptian/Desert setting remixed into Science Fiction like such as Dune. The film somewhat explores well. But as an action movie, it's loud, anti- climactic, and lacks to give me any emotions except annoyance and anger. It fails as good action shlock but almost delivers on the setting. And no, I'm not going to watch 10 seasons of SG 1 just so I can see the concept be executed better since it should work as a movie. Stargate just reeks of wasted potential.

Stargate as I saw it is an amalgamation for the short lived "Gulf War" and "Desert Storm Ops" of the 1990's. We see imagery of soldiers in the desert being worshipped as gods. The film ends with the Slaves without a master to worship since the American soldiers practically invaded their homeworld. The lesson I got from the film is that big, loud, dumb, and anti-climactic films will do great in the Summer blockbuster range.

As I watched Stargate, I realized that it was not for a more critical audience, such as those who read film like we do. But audiences of the lowest common denominators would like it the same way they will like a Michael Bay Transformers film. But those audiences are what give films today the most money. And that to me, is a problem i've had with cinema for a while, seeing as smaller avant-garde films go seemingly unnoticed by a huge audience.

Overall, I give Stargate a…

Reviewed by FilmTvNow 6 / 10

The Start of an Amazing Franchise

The movie that started the whole Stargate franchise, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. The story is very intriguing and the whole ring concept introduced is extremely fascinating. Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) and Daniel Jackson (James Spader) as the two leads work really fine together. Th effects might not live up to today's standard but much better than other 90s movie and the concept and this whole idea behind the Stargate is interested and explored more deeply in the shows.

The villain Ra (Jaye Davidson) also show a lot of promise early in the movie but unfortunately he can't live up to promise and was kind of an lackluster villain in the end. The villain is of course not the center piece in this movie, that is of course the Stargate and their journey to Abydos. On Abydos they meet Skaara, Sha'uri and Kasuf, these character has to band together and fight against both time and Ra. The movie isn't fantastic by no means but it's a great starting point for the three series that continue after the movie.

Roland Emmerich is not a great director but somehow he didn't screw this one up, sure the first Independence Day is also fine but his other movies have been mediocre at best. David Arnold's score in this movie is very well done and really should be appreciated. It's not the typical sci-fi, action movie you have grown to expect over the year, but Stargate actually has a few layers to it. The whole relationship that both Jack and Daniel make with the inhabitants on Abydos is compelling and adds a lot of emotional impact to the story. Overall a really solid movie that launched the Stargate franchise.

Score: 6/10 (Solid)

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