State of Play


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 131517

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Rachel McAdams as Della Frye
Robin Wright as Anne Collins
Ben Affleck as Stephen Collins
Jason Bateman as Dominic Foy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 8 / 10

Play with This

Who doesn't like Affleck and Crowe? Right there is a good reason to go see this movie. The fact that it is a political thriller makes it even more appealing. I knew nothing about it being based on a previous 6 part series of some sort. I went into it as a movie holding up its own. It did. These type of movies move along at a decent pace, allow the viewer to join in and provide a story-telling while unraveling the adventure and the mystery at the same time. This is entertainment. There are minor flaws but if one steps back to appreciate a couple of hours of watching they will love to....

Reviewed by Brigid O Sullivan (wisewebwoman) 3 / 10

Betraying the original BBC thriller.

Why does Hollywood hire the best cast, crew and direction, use a perfectly good political plot borrowed from the UK and then proceed to pander it to unsuspecting viewers by dumbing it down completely.

The "script" in the US version is full of plot-holes that frustrated this viewer: once you know who the assassin is connected to (red herrings abound) it makes even less sense. The contrived affair between Afflecks' wife, played by Robin Wright, rang completely false. The original series had her as a scheming and vengeful spurned wife.

And the crusty disheveled old reporter buying the hot cub reporter a necklace of pens? Oh please. Helen Mirren walked on and off screaming Britishly as demanded.

No tensions whatsover, Justin Bateman as a sleazy PR guy shone.

Disappointing. But interesting to see the Washington Post inner workings.


Reviewed by zkonedog 8 / 10

A Well-Paced Thriller

As a fan of the "political thriller" genre, I had been very disappointed in the recent fare from that category that I had viewed. It seemed as if either all the answers were given up front (rendering the rest of the film rather boring), or the filmmakers tried to cram every revelation into the last few minutes. Fortunately, "State of Play" does neither, instead relying on terrific pacing that will keep you into the plots and guessing all the way to the end.

The basic plot of the film centers on two reporters, played by Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams, for a dying (aren't they all these days?) newspaper. As they begin work on a seemingly simple story involving a murder, they come to find that its threads are much deeper than what some in the government would want them to believe.

Though this seems like the standard fare for the political thriller genre, the pacing (an under- used criterion in filmmaking these days) is so excellent that it never feels old or stale. With seemingly each passing minute, a new element is introduced into the lives of either the characters or the unfolding mystery plot. Never once did I find myself glancing at the VCR timer to see how much was left...I was enthralled by the entire story.

In the acting department, Crowe turns in another stellar performance as a hard-nosed journalist who doesn't mind doing some dirty work to feed the journalistic machine. McAdams also shows how versatile she can be (how many actresses could pull off Mean Girls, Nicholas Sparks fare, and this sort of thriller in a career?) as Crowe's sidekick who slowly becomes so much more. About the only disappointment is Ben Affleck as a U.S. seems as if he is just kind of sleep-walking through his screen time.

The final aspect that pushes this film somewhere between "above-average" and "excellent" is the plot's grounding in real-life issues. While working for a large newspaper run by an editor (Helen Mirren) who knows what needs to be done for the business to survive in these times, Crowe and McAdams' characters are constantly challenged by how far they should go to uncover their story. The angle isn't overly preachy, which is always a plus, instead trying to show the reality of the situation.

Thus, if able, I would give this film a 4.5 star rating. Though it doesn't have quite enough memorable "oomph" to be truly a classic (I watched it two weeks ago and already the details are beginning to fade), it delivers a very entertaining two hours filled with twists, turns, and interesting characters.

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