Stay Hungry


Comedy / Drama

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Jeff Bridges as Craig Blake
Sally Field as Mary Tate Farnsworth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesluk 8 / 10

Makes me wanna grow out my hair and buy a plaid blazer

As I watched this film last night it occurred to me that it has a certain fun, Altmanesque element of found local color. The shady southern businessmen Jeff Bridges' character is involved with all talk in a hilarious retro jive, "I'm fine as wine!" and sport really sharp looking plaid blazers. Rafelson decides to throw in random things just for sheer fun; a car race, with 70's Monte Carlos shooting through the streets of Birmingham, Alabama and getting air like it's San Francisco, a whole crew of 70's bodybuilders running through the city streets and posing on top of buses. Arnold Schwarzeneggar puts in his only true serious acting turn, although I'm not sure how much it should be considered acting as he's playing his real self; philosophical and shrewd. Sally Field is hot in this movie, there's even a scene where she jumps out of bed in the nude, displaying a great ass. Jeff Bridges puts on his usual display of fine, unselfconscious screen acting. One of the nicest and most refreshing things about this movie is that it unfolds organically; we don't feel an overarching awareness of chugging plot structure like we do at today's movies.

Reviewed by sol1218 6 / 10

I don't want to be comfortable, I want to stay hungry!

**SPOILERS*** Strange movie that gives young 28 year old champion body builder Arnold Schwarzegger his first real staring role, if you discount his role as Hercules in the 1970 belly laugher "Hercules in New York", in a major motion picture as what else champion body builder and former Mister Austria Joe Santo.

With both his parents killed in a plane crash Birmingham blue-blood Craig Blake, Jeff Bridges,has reluctantly taken over the family business but is just content to hang out at the Blake Mansion shooting the breeze and partying with the local rich and political connected exclusive country club folks.

The movie revolves around a health & body building spa, The Olympic Spa,in downtown Birmingham owned by the somewhat at first off-the-wall Thor Erickson, R.G Armstrong, who really cracks up at the end of the movie. It turns out that Craig is given the task to buy out the spa for this group of mob-connoted businessmen headed by Jabo, Joe Spineli. Jabo is so determined to get the spa, in order to demolish and build a high-rise office building over it, that he goes so far as hiring a number of local sh*t-kickers, who end up getting the sh*t beaten out of them by the spa workers, to terrorize and have the management give up it's lease on the place to him.

Mary Tate, Sally Field, the receptionist at the spa had been Big Joe Santo's girlfriend for some time but starts to get very friendly with Craig who shows up at the place to buy it out. Craig get's so hung up on the spa and those in it that he decides to become a vital part of it even going so far as paying for the damage inflicted on the spa by Jabo's ineffective and bumbling thugs.

Joe who you would think in having Craig steal his girl Mary Tate, who actually throws herself on him, would drive him to break Craig in two reacts very strangely to having his girlfriend taken away from him. As we soon see Joe is actually forcing a confused Mary Tate on Craig to have sex with him! Craig thinks that Joe is either a pimp or some kind of sex freak who likes to see his girl get it on with other men in order for him to get turned on! It's later that Craig begin to realize that Big Joe's somewhat cuckoo-bird actions has to do with his unorthodox training methods that he invented to get himself into tip top shape. Joe trains himself in refraining from all earthly pleasures like sex and, as he puts it, stays hungry for the upcoming Mr. Universe, or is it World, competition.

The movie starts to get really nuts when Thor is taken into the confidence of Jabo in order to get him to sell his place. The Jabo mobsters give Thor an unlimited amount of drugs, that he snorts, and two hookers for non-stop action in order to soften him up. As Thor is under the influence of drugs and hookers the big Mr. Universe, or is it World, competition takes place. It's there that Thor's "Main Man" Big Joe Santo easily blows away the competition with his muscle man act on the stage to the music of the movie "Exodus". Mary Tate, who just broke up with Craig, unexpectedly shows up at the spa and is attacked by the now wild crazy and totally drugged out Thor who's then confronted by Craig! This leads to one of the most exciting and incredible free for all slug-fasts ever put on film!

With all this insanity going on at the Olympic Spa it's rumored among the muscle man from one of them being on the scene of the Thor/Craig free for all that Thor had taken off with the cash! It's then that all the body builders take off together with the winner of the contest Joe Santo to stop Thor from taking off with the prize money and thus leaving them high and dry. The outraged, in feeling that they were stiffed by Thor, muscle men run with nothing but their skimpy and macroscopic body trunks on in the streets of Birmingham, stopping traffic, headed for the Olympic Spa in order to keep Thor from checking out of town. It's the local police who get to the spa first and take a whacked out on drugs and bloodied, from his dumbbell throwing fight with Craig, Thor into custody and the local hospital for emergency treatment.

The ending has Craig take control of the Olympic Spa and thus keep it out of the hands of the Jabo Mob who were going to put it out of business. Mary Tate Joe Santo and everyone else involved with muscle man building in the movie now know that they have a friend in the city of Birmingham, Craig Blake, who'll see to it that they have a place to work out and build up their muscles.

Worth watching for the oddity of seeing the future Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger acting, but not at all looking, as meek as a kitten where he doesn't as much as raise his voice, much less his fists, in all the violence that swirls around him! Schwarzenegger actually comes across acting like a peace-loving and non-violent Buddhist Monk in his trying to stop the violence.

Reviewed by hu675 8 / 10

Surprisingly good mixture of Comedy and Drama made watchable and entertaining for good hearted performances in this film.

A rich young man by the name of Craig Blake (Jeff Bridges), who feels like a guest in his own life and his home after the loss of his parents. He's surrounded by wealthy bores and seductive socialites. Craig decides to do something different in his future, a business deal with some low-life real estate developers. But when he's asked to buy a small Olympic Spa Gym as a part of the deal. Craig finds himself in a world, which he thought it never existed. Craig meets a perky gymnast (Oscar-Winner:Sally Field) and a fiddle-playing, philosophizing Mr. Universe hopeful (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Craig meets these new people that become a part of his life. Craig's new life will be never the way as he expected with his new found friends.

Directed by Bob Rafelson (Black Widow, Blood and Wine, Five Easy Pieces) made an dramatic comedy with happy performances by Bridges, Field and Schwarzenegger make it worthwhile. The film's has good supporting cast like R.G. Armstrong, Robert Englund, Scatman Crothers, Joanna Cassidy and more. This is an extremely underrated comedy. This film has a eccentric mixture of comedy and drama. This film has many fine scenes. This film is based on a novel by Charles Gaines, which he co-wrote the screenplay with the director. If you are a fan of the filmmakers or the stars of this film. You will find this film certainly enjoyable. This is a quirky, funny and a breath of fresh air. Don't miss this 1970's classic. (****/*****).

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