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Tamara Gorski as Barbara
Mimi Kuzyk as Aunt Margaret
Chad Connell as Daniel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cekadah 6 / 10

OK flick with interesting plot

Here's the set-up: Daniel, played by Chad Connell, is a successful TV career anchor who suddenly finds himself in a panic disorder. What is happening? Then comes along the mysterious but most sexy Alexander. Alexander takes control of Daniel's life (slowly) and by movie's end ole Daniel is back to his normal self.

Here's my interpretation of the plot.- Daniel is crushed emotionally in a midlife crises and he regrets his lost youth and all it could have offered him because he focused himself on his career and suppressed his emotions. Alexander is Daniel's imaginary self and what he wishes it to have been in his lost youth. The sex scenes are just Daniel's masturbation to what he thinks he could have been.

At plots end Alexander disappears because ole Daniel has come to terms with himself and realize youth is gone and it's best to get on with his life.

As I stated it's just my interpretation of the movie. So la-te-da !

Reviewed by outterspaces 8 / 10

Came in expecting nothing - was left asking for more.

I will be short. I gave this an 8. The beginning was a bit shaky, I wasn't sure how serious the main actor was at first. But then it all changed.

The music was way beyond this level of cinema and at moments it was taking your attention away from the story but later on it kinda made sense, too (bravo!).

I truly think this deserves a bit more than 6.5 on IMDb (despite the very low viewership). Even though I figured out the twist from the very beginning, I enjoyed every second of it. Chad Connell's front nudity is a bonus. This is one of those gay films that I'll come back to and think about how it made me feel.

Reviewed by frsnbrgr2001 10 / 10

A superb depiction of what healing and wholeness entails

I believe this film is worthy of so much appreciation by many men struggling with their identity and truth. How informative, challenging, encouraging!

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