Step Brothers


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Seth Rogen as Sporting Goods Manager
Will Ferrell as Brennan Huff
Mary Steenburgen as Nancy Huff
Adam Scott as Derek
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Reviewed by atlasmb 8 / 10

Plenty Of Laughs With Ferrell And Reilly

"Step Brothers" is a comedy in the vein of dumb and dumber, with a pair of good comic actors (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly) portraying two losers who still live with their parents and lead irresponsible lives.

Reilly is the perfect foil and he is fearless when it comes to committing to the role. But no one is better at playing the man-child than Will Ferrell (except maybe Paul Reubens). The nonstop punchlines combined with some physical humor are a feast for this twosome.

This is not highbrow humor, but its among the best of its kind.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Yes, it is very stupid and yet I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed it.

Okay, I must admit that this movie was incredibly stupid, offensive and awful...but somehow I still laughed and enjoyed myself. Maybe it was because the film had no pretenses--it never even tried to be deep or intelligent--just appeal to our baser instincts.

The reason I watched this film is because I loved TALLADEGA NIGHTS so much. Another Will Farrell/John C. Reilly film sure sounded great--even if it didn't match the quality or laughs of this earlier film.

The film is about two total losers who still live at home with their parent, even though they are 39 and 40 years old. On top of this, they both have the common sense and maturity of 7 year-olds---very, very slow 7 year-olds! And in both roles, Ferrell and Reilly both sounded like little boys in adult bodies--and this provided a lot of laughs. When both their parents met and married, however, both Ferrell and Reilly handed it like most immature children--they sulked and threw tantrums. Then, in a strange twist, the two losers realized how much they had in common and became fast friends. The problem, however, is that as friends they both had a lot of crazy and destructive energy--and perhaps it was better when they were fighting and arguing all the time! The film manages to entertain because it is well-written, plus the actors seemed to have a lot of fun acting like total idiots. This fun translated to fun for the audience as well. However, I should warn you that the movie is very, very crude--with lots of colorful language, a pair of fake testicles and lots of sexual references. While kids love Will Ferrell movies, I don't recommend this except for older and more mature audiences (that's ironic, isn't it?).

Overall, lots of primitive and crude humor that manages to make you laugh throughout. It ain't pretty, but it is fun and worth seeing.

Reviewed by highnemonkey 9 / 10

Ferrells madness on the leash works perfect!

If you belong to the team of haters of Ferrell movies, first of all: What are you doing here? And second: Give this a shot! This might be the finest McKay-Ferrell-collab yet. I am aware of the public opinion for these kinds of comedies, they get silly, nasty, annoying at times. To me, this one stands out as the finest, because it walks the thin line that divides the teams of haters and lovers.

The dimwitted, silly, yelling characters - they are all there but they are placed in a perfectly normal environment. The parents are normal American grown-ups that bring the more crazy aspects of the story back to the ground and enhance the fun of them. One-week-TV-bans are a parental measurement which we all remember too well - but as a reaction to the loony schtik of the step brothers it feels almost "too normal". We all remember running up the stairs as loud as possible, arguing about our favourite dinosaurs or being taken to dull apointments in the backseat - but seeing to grown up men in these positions feels really out of place. So many moments feel like: "I've seen this before - but here it feels weird.". I mean, look at the movie poster. We've all taken photos like this as kids. But with grown ups it just looks - in spirit of this film I'll choose to speak immature - gay.

And this is what breathes magic into this flick and attests the fine feeling for comedy McKay and Ferrell have: Taking well-known bits of human life and throwing them in uncommon territory. To me this uncanny absurdity is one of the basics of comedy.

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