Step Up


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 56715

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Martín Lombard as The Santiago Twins
Joe Slaughter as Julien
Monique Dupree as Hip Hop Girl
Chadd Smith as Vladd
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P/S 7 / 36

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saadgkhan 6 / 10

Mind Blowing Dancing but Terrible acting except Adam G.Sevani & Alyson Stoner

STEP UP 3D – CATCH IT ( B ) Step Up 3D has the most mind blowing and jaw dropping dancing. The music and dance performances of the movie are par excellence. All the dances are so fun to watch but Obviously the End Dance wins it all, it was Super Fantastic. The only thing Step up 3D lacked big time is its acting department, obviously all them can dance exceptionally well but their acting was quite poor except for Adam G.Sevani Aka. Moss and Alyson Stoner Aka. Cam. Adam and Alyson has prior acting experience so they were great along with their dancing. Adam and Alyson's road dance was one of the sweetest dance performance I've ever seen. Stunning looking Sharni Vinson danced really well and in some scenes she acted quite well. Gorgeous Boy Rick Malambri was the weakest Actor and Dancer among them all. His dancing with Sharni Vinson was great but in whole group he was the weakest link. Sadly, he had no expressions on his face whether he is serious, sad, happy or funny, he had the same expressions except when he Smiles. I think he got this job because of his looks because he is a terrible actor. One thing besides his good looks saved him was his awesome chemistry with Sharni Vinson. All the other dancers were great in dancing and terrible in acting. Overall its highly enjoyable because of its Incredible dance routines so, if we forget the terrible acting by most of them, its pretty good.

Reviewed by davidrcastro1 2 / 10

Cliché for the sake of being cliché

I honestly believe there was no effort put into the story at all. Every single cliché the writers could possibly think up was in this, the rivalry the betrayal, the break up only to make up later and end up together, the wise friend who seems to know everything but is a background character through most of the film even the closing of the studio which required money to re open does landing the crew in a final dance off against their rivals. The only thing I enjoyed from this movie was the dancing, all the fancy moves, and the culture impressed me, but aside from that this movie was garbage. I compare this to"You Got Served" which received a much lower score on IMDb than this, though it shared an extremely similar story, though it portrayed a lot more emotion, and overall focused more on the characters than the dancing. All in all, if you're a dance movie fan, who really doesn't care for story, by all means check this out, if you're a movie lover, then this movie probably won't make you smile so skip it.

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 7 / 10

Needs more cowbell

And by cowbell, I mean more autotune in all the songs. There were a few songs where I could actually hear the singer's real voice and that is soooo two-thousand and late.

I give this a 7/10 and it would be every bit of a 10/10 if they only could "Step up" their autotune game.

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