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Ellen Dubin as Additional Voices
Samantha Smith as Doctor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freeist 8 / 10

Low budget, high quality

I don't remember if there were any jump scares in "Stephanie," because it had me always ready to jump, and that might be the best thing I could say about a horror movie these days.

This is the sort of horror movie that could only be made with excellence today. It's low budget, but looks great. It takes place primarily in one house, but doesn't become dull. Instead of special effects, It depends on atmosphere and its actors' performances. In the few places where there are special effects, they don't invite doubt.

I commend the actors, especially child actor Shree Crooks, who hits it out of the park. Was it possible before now to get child-actor performance this strong in a low budget horror movie? Crooks is in every scene and never slips.

My only caveat: the first part might not appeal to some viewers, but if they spend the time looking carefully, they'll see that things are even more amiss than they seem. And if they stay with it, they'll be happy anyway.

An excellent largely ignored film. They used to call these sleepers.

Reviewed by kevandeb 7 / 10

Better than Score Suggests (5.8)

I thought this was a great premise for a movie and it worked well because the acting and pace of the film was good. A good twist with a moral dilemma certainly kept it gripping all the way through. Definitely worth a viewing.

Reviewed by rsvp321 8 / 10

Very good!

At least two of the negative reviews clearly indicate that they only watched the beginning of the movie, and rate it unfairly imo.

This movie is excellent at involving the viewer's imagination. I put it on meant for background noise while I was multitasking, but dropped everything else to watch it.

Some pretty good scare parts, and that kid is a talent that I'm sure we'll see a lot more of. The plot was also pretty good at keeping me from correctly predicting what happens next. *Watch the beginning of the end credits, too - it delivers closure.

Nice to see Anna Torv again, too - I think I'll watch the first three seasons of Fringe, now lol!

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