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Max von Sydow as Harry Haller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by YourDemonLover 9 / 10

A flawed masterpiece

This is one of my all-time favorite films. I gave it only 9 stars, however, because there are a few obvious problems with it. Some of the editing is imperfect, and there are a couple points that suggest some additional scenes were cut. Also, there are a couple dubbing flubs, especially in the Magic Theater section, and several scenes that are poorly lit. In all, it's obviously a low-budget effort. If you want a James Cameron film, go rent one of those.

Still, the screenplay is topnotch. It even IMPROVES on Hesse's story in places, and I like the ending to this film better than the book's. Not really a spoiler - the ending is not that big a departure; it just concludes with more emotional punch, and resolves the angst better.

Max Von Sydow is the PERFECT Harry Haller, Dominique Sanda at least has the perfect look for Hermine (although I admit she could have used a retake on a couple scenes), and Pierre Clementi handles the challenge of Pablo's character admirably - and obviously relishes the role.

I've seen the comment, both here and in reviews elsewhere, about the second half being some sort of druggie trip-fest. It's true that the tone changes, but that's in keeping with the original work. But it's far from being some sort of Deadhead dance party, which is the way some critics unfairly portray it. Yes, the Magic Theater sequence has cartoon backdrops. Get over it. Personally, I think that was an excellent choice.

I would love for this to come out on DVD. The fact that it hasn't is an indication of its obscurity, not its quality. For ****'s sake, Gigli is out on DVD, so that's a ridiculous argument. I'll stop now to avoid becoming insulting.

Reviewed by triffids4us 9 / 10

But in the flaws, the beauty

I first saw this film back in 76 or 77, I think. A strange little underground art-house cinema (which is now a Burger King) in Melbourne...

It remains with me as a thing of beauty, its environments and music always evoking a wave of optimism. This is an exploration of the possibilities of the human spirit, as well as a joyous declaration of non serviam. An aesthetic revolt into surrealism, it suited the time well.

The animated sequences in particular are very impressive: as a means of dealing with the concepts of 'The Treatise on the Steppenwolf' within the film, but separate from the body of the narrative.

The film is not Hesse's novel, but a magical gesture towards the novel. As an adaptation of a complex and sophisticated novel it is a valiant effort. I will cheerfully admit that this, along with Lindsay Anderson's if... was what ultimately interested me in studying cinema.

Reviewed by alantate09 5 / 10

Some good and bad.

This movie communicates only bits and pieces of what the book itself does. It doesn't show well the actual character of Haller at all and, not understanding his personality well, the rest of the film doesn't pass on the original message very well except through occasional one line sum-ups of an idea by a character. This movie includes tons of lines taken directly from the book but I found that the movie uses some of the weaker lines at times while leaving out most of the best. I found the first half of this movie to be utterly boring however the second half was moderately well done. I like the feel to the second half although I barely made it through the first. That said I give this 5 stars because of the nice surrealism (really psychedelic more than just surreal) and I found the film to be overall very poor considering the material its based. I don't particularly like some of the acting selections either. Overall if you just read this book or ever have for that matter I would say don't watch this film because it leaves me with much less feeling than the book did and really calmed down some of the feelings racing in me for days after reading the book. If you've never read the book I would say watch the film but know that the book is a masterpiece and this film is not. But like I said if your into psychedelic feels to films this has plenty to offer there. All that said I believe my review is biased because of comparing it to the book and had I never read the book some of the ideas presented in the film would have really hit home. But that's not hard to do when your script is pretty much taken directly from the book. I think being disappointed is what I feel. I also particularly dislike the scene with the war against machines where in the book the attorney or whatever he was was (I forget) wasn't treated the same as in the film. I think the last few sentences of Gustav and his conversation in the book really hit at what was being said in that section and that the film didn't.

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