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Philip Michael Thomas as Dr. Calvin Crosse
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Forgotten for a reason

STIGMA is a mildly interesting, long forgotten horror/thriller about a small town under the grip of a syphilis epidemic spread by person(s) unknown. The protagonist of the hour is a visiting doctor who just so happens to be black, adding the typical racial tension of the era to the mix. Despite having good knowledge of cult cinema, I'd never heard of this Boston-shot film before watching. On reflection, I can see why. There are certain elements of interest here - those most like Romero's THE CRAZIES, for example - but too much time is spent on unnecessary scenes which feel like padding, and random exploitation with a nude girl walking around forever and some prostitutes at a remote farmhouse. More suspense and tighter scripting might have made this interesting.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Don't give a dose to the one you love most

Brash and sarcastic black doctor Calvin Crosse (smoothly played by Philip Michael Thomas) encounters racism and corruption while attempting to curtail an outbreak of syphilis in a remote island community.

Writer/director David E. Durston relates the engrossing story at a brisk pace, nicely captures the stifling atmosphere of the uptight isolated town, maintains an admirably earnest tone throughout, and provides amusing moments of sharp humor amid all the deliciously lurid dramatics. The spirited acting from the game cast keeps this movie humming: Harlan Cary Poe as amiable Vietnam veteran Billy Waco, Peter Clune as the hateful bigot Sheriff Whitehead, Josie Johnson as the sheriff's rebellious teen daughter D.D., Connie Van Ess as cheery whorehouse madam Tassie, and William Magerman as crazed lighthouse keeper Jeremy. Disc jockey 'Cousin' Brucie Morrow appears as himself in a documentary on venereal diseases (the explicit shots of the brutal ravages of untreated sexually transmitted illnesses are pretty damn gross and gut-wrenching). Jacques Urbont's jaunty harmonic score hits the right-on groovy spot. Robert M. Baldwin's polished cinematography makes nifty occasional use of fluid tracking shots and askew camera angles. Worth a watch.

Reviewed by JohnSeal 5 / 10

Unusual and compelling

For all its failings, Stigma remains a fascinating film. There's no doubt that the film is badly acted and written--even star Philip Michael Thomas, playing a doctor, struggles to overcome the script's shortcomings--but Stigma is essential viewing for anyone interested in regional or exploitation cinema. Early scenes imply that the 'stigma' in question is the color of Thomas' skin, with his introduction to a small, predominantly white backwoods town going about as well as you might expect. But the film quickly shifts gears, beginning with a bizarre 'educational film within a film' segment outlining the horrors of syphilis and gonorrhea. Soon enough, local nut-case Jeremy (William Magerman) shows up on Thomas' doorstep and gets the dread diagnosis: he's got an advanced case of the clap. It's up to our hero to track down the source of the disease, leading him to pry into some of the town's deepest and darkest secrets, and by the final reel, the film has transmogrified into a glorified public service announcement. Along the way, though, there are enough odd touches to keep viewers involved, with the film anticipating the weird back country orgies of The Wicker Man, the venereal horrors of They Came From Within, and the lighthouse setting of The Fog. Somehow I doubt that John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, or Robin Hardy had the opportunity to watch Stigma, let alone be influenced by it, but stranger things have happened.

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