Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3666

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Abigail Breslin as Allison
Matt Damon as Bill
Carlos Ramirez as Shaved Head
Deanna Dunagan as Sharon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yellowmarlin 6 / 10

Fails to stick the landing

Matt Damon is excellent and thoroughly convincing as Bill, an unpolished roughneck from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Essentially, this is a fish out of water story, when he finds himself on a prolonged stay in Marseille in southern France, trying to prove his daughter innocent of the murder of her girlfriend. This, right here, is the movie's weakest link: Abigail Breslin is completely unsympathetic as the daughter Allison. When you should be rooting for our hero to succeed in his mission, you really don't care one little bit whether she rots in prison or not. Conversely, Bill's relationship with local woman Virginie and her adorable daughter Maya is when this movie is at its best. Their Franco-American culture clashes also provide all of the humour. I also liked how no effort whatsoever was made to show either Marseille or Stillwater in a good light. Both are portrayed as gritty, shabby and uninviting. Sadly, for all it's promise and tension, the ending feels rushed and unsatisfying.

Reviewed by Markapawson 6 / 10

Had potential to brilliant.... but ultimately disappointed.

Matt Damon is excellent as the widowed dad determined to prove his estranged, ungrateful and imprisoned daughter innocent. Stillwater has it's moments with splashes of much needed humour, but ultimately the film felt like it failed to achieve it's potential due to a 2 hour runtime of character development and relationship building let down massively by botched and rushed ending!

Reviewed by triley-74606 9 / 10

This is Why I Love Movies

No spoilers here. Go see this movie before reading about it. This is a very interesting, well written, directed, and acted movie. It is well worth the time and price of admission. Ignore the critics who nibble at the edges of this fine piece of cinema. The audience in the theater indicated that we were all enjoying it. This is why, pandemic or not, I love watching movies at the theater.

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