Sting of Death


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alien_I_Creator 8 / 10

Excellent Summer Creature Feature

A group of wild, hepcat college kids head down with a friend to her father's house in sunny Florida for Spring Break. The man is a marine biologist and is currently studying jellyfish in his lab on premises. Apparently, the kids are there to learn a thing or two while helping out the doc in return for his hospitable welcome. However, being rowdy young college kids, they waste no time hazing and poking fun at the good doctors deformed and Igor-like assistant, Egon. But, Egon sticks around anyway. Mainly because he has got the hots for the Doctor's rather shapely daughter. Egon does have a breaking point, though. Beneath his mild facade lies the heart of a hateful, vindictive, and bitter man. And having vast knowledge of science himself, Egon has built himself a laboratory out in the middle of the swamp. It is from that secret lab that emerges a killer jellyfish man with revenge and murder on his mind.

From the mid 1960s through the early 1970s, director William Grefe' filmed a number of movies in and around the Florida Everglades. One of his best, and most popular, is Sting of Death. It's a low-budget cult favorite and exudes a flair of b-grade campiness and absurdity which will easily grab the attention of any connoisseur of cinematic oddities. It is also worthy to note that Sting of Death contains two musical contributions from Neil Sedaka, including Do the Jellyfish which makes for plenty of go-go gyrating fun. This freaky summer creature feature is actually a pretty impressive piece of 60s schlock.

Reviewed by ChuckStraub 5 / 10

Do the jella Jellyfish! Do it now!

I rented The "Sting of Death" on a DVD that also included "Death Curse of Tartu" and two very short features that I wasn't expecting, "Love Goddesses of Blood Island" and "Miami or Bust". As an added attraction, you can watch the "The Sting of Death" or the "Death Curse of Tartu" with director audio commentary if you wish. What really made watching this DVD a fun experience though was the "Sting of Death". This movie is what makes the DVD. The rest is inconsequential. The "Sting of Death" alone is worth the price of the rental or if purchased would make a fine addition to any video library. What makes this movie so attractive? It's a cheap low budget movie with lots of mistakes but that's why it's fun. You can't take this one too seriously even though it was intended to be a horror movie. The monster consists of a man in a black wet suit with tentacles attached and a black semi transparent plastic bag as a head. Watch the monster's ankles. The skin is exposed a few times. One scene shows a lot of jellyfish, which look like they were made with see through sandwich bags with pieces of blue and red in them. The scene is supposed to be scary but it looks like a bunch of garbage floating around in the water. What did impress me was the quality of the color. The movie really did look good. How the movie was made is another thing. For those that enjoy watching poorly made monster movies, this one is a must see. It's the only horror movie I know of that features a Jellyfish/man monster. They even have a song in this movie by Neil Sedaka called "The Jellyfish". You get to see them dance to it and hear it in it's entirety. It's great stuff. The song and dance is enough to give it a couple of points when rating it. This is a fun and humorous film. If you want something serious, this is not for you. If you like the kind of movie that's so bad it's good, this is just the thing. For 1950s and 60s monster movie fans, you really have to see this lesser known film. You have to see and hear it to believe it.

Reviewed by ethylester 5 / 10

Makes the Everglades look pretty

The main thing I dug about this movie is the cool pad under the sea where the jellyfish man hangs out! You swim down to the bottom of the lake and you find a cave. Swim through the cave you end up in a swingin' mad scientist lab/paradise cove! It's really cool, You come up through the floor of the lab and you're not underwater anymore. Surrounded by big foam rocks and special 60's science equipment in the walls, it's like a honeymoon suite or something! Plus, the color in this movie is really nice, and it makes everything seem a little extra appealing. Maybe that's why I was so impressed with this little hideout under the sea!

If you see this movie on the Something Weird DVD after "Death Curse of Tartu" you will be shocked to notice that the Florida everglades don't look like such a dismal place after all. They're all bright green and pretty, like a summer vacation! Tartu's movie make the Everglades look like hell on earth. Sting of Death shows the other side.

Lastly, my favorite thing about this movie - THE JELLYFISH. What are they, little Glad sandwich baggies tied up with sparkley ribbon floating in a lake somewhere? Just bobbing up and down like someone just ate a crazy piece of candy and threw their colorful and clear wrapper in the water. The fish don't move, just bob with the waves. They don't attack, they just chill. They don't even have recognizable jellyfish features. Since when do jellyfish heads stand out about 2 inches from the water and never sink under?

And the JELLYFISH man with the huge balloon head. I think I wanna be him for Halloween. Looked like a beach ball spray painted grey. I think I'd get too hot, though. And the deformed guy sometimes has a right eye and sometimes he doesn't. That's tricky!

This movie is funny. Watch it because it's funny. And the main girl looks like Winona Ryder and Alissa Milano mixed together. 5/10.

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