Stop Over in Hell


Crime / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4 10 432

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

Let it be so

The action takes place in 1865 post Civil War. A group of ruthless raiders, led by the Colonel rob, rape, and kill. They love stagecoaches. They take over the "Black Hell Stagecoach Stop" and await a gold shipment to come through as they torture and kill folks.

The film centers on the various sayings of the Colonel who unfortunately repeats himself in every scene. There is enough blood and killing if one wants to watch a film just for that.

Guide: No swearing or nudity. Clothed rape. grope

Reviewed by CobraMist 6 / 10

Decent Spaghetti Western throwback

After a gang of psychopaths finishes the slaughter of a family, they find themselves at a stage couch station that is expecting a large shipment of gold. The station has a pretty typical cast of characters: tough as nails woman, virginal woman, and a pacifist. The gang engages in some minor torture (nothing violent, vulgar, or very sexual) before another stage couch arrives. The new arrivals show up and offer just enough personality that a few of them feel distinct before they are slaughtered by the gang. After having cleaned up any evidence of the massacre, the stage couch with the gold shows up. A fight ensures resulting in all of the characters either dying or being mortally wounded.

While this film might have the reputation for being ultra violent, I would say that it is decidedly less violent then Django Unchained (2012) or Cut-Throats Nine (1972). Many deaths happen off-screen or from far enough a way that nothing can really be seen. Squibs are used for a few deaths but they are not very generous in how much red stuff they release.

What I would give this movie props for is some fun dubbing that feels very much like an old school spaghetti western as well as a few fun characters. Two of the gang members are very fun, with one providing crazy eyes in most scenes and the other providing some juicy monologues. Sadly, the rest of the writing is very lackluster. Most of the other characters are entirely forgettable or are not around long enough to really matter. The plot is a tad ludicrous. As the two women are more of a liability then an asset to the gang but they are kept around until the "bloody" finale.

Overall I'd suggest you check it out if you want a modern spaghetti western but are not too picky on the quality.

Reviewed by burgif 1 / 10

Truly stupid movie

You all out there don't waste valuable time on this piece of garbage, it does not have a plot, a good acting or directions only unjustifiable violoncello and racial tune.

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